Thursday, April 24, 2014

His Favorite Part

He chose this outfit one day recently all by himself, without prodding.
No superheroes or firemen - there is hope.

So we've been having a bit of a time of it with ol' LM the last few weeks. It is all part of becoming an older brother, or being almost 4, I'm sure, but it's been trying and a learning curve for the parents. Of course, this boy - and this blog proves it if nothing else does - this boy has been the center of our hearts and lives since before his birth. And now, he has to share that time and energy. 

This might look like a sweater vest to you. 
To LM, it's a basketball jersey. 

A ham and a half, as we know

The good thing is, he doesn't seem to equate any of it to the baby - he loves the baby - constantly wanting to talk about the baby, hug or kiss the baby, or help with the baby. He does however understand he is not getting as much attention from Mom and Dad. I have to admit there have been more raised voices in our house than I wish. And, we've been trying lots of other angles to mitigate this. We've been trying to give him uninterrupted one-on-one time. We have tried using the count to three again, which worked so well when he was a bit younger, and we have started taking away privileges when behavior doesn't match what it needs to be, and giving privileges for good behavior. We have also been trying to praise even the slightest good behavior. We have tried managing our own behavior and expectations. All of this has worked - sometimes.

A recent day at the zoo with Dad

Enjoying some ice cream recently at the Ft. Worth arts festival

Now, all of this is minor at best - not doing what he has been told to do - or going as slow as molasses to get it done. That's about it. He hasn't harmed himself or others. He isn't committing scary or illegal acts. He is just not following instructions in normal daily life, which is frustrating to us. And, really, he must learn that he does have to follow requests from authority figures before he hits "real" school here in over a year. So, we keep trying.

It's blurry, but this is one of his Power Ranger get-ups - 
re-purposed toys used as "weapons"

Pushing the grocery cart that is his size at Trader Joe's 

But, he is still, with his brother, and in between being a little booger who isn't listening, the sweetest, cutest, smartest little one. And this is, four paragraphs in, what this blog post is supposed to be about. For the last couple of weeks, after the 4ish a.m. feeding, I have often relocated to the recliner in the boy's room to finish up the night. This has been for several reasons - first, it was because the baby caught our cold and he was stopped up, and holding him upright helped this. Second, he is sometimes gassy, and by that time of night, sometimes the feeding takes a while and it's more comfortable to eat/sleep through that in the chair. And, sometimes, I'm just awake and a change of scenery helps. 

LM and BB

At the dentist

After a few nights of this, LM woke up and noticed us in the chair. So, along with BB and I, he climbed into the chair as well. This meant we had one very full recliner - I'm quite sure we are over the recommended maximum weight. But, he wanted to be there and I have sort of a thing where I don't argue or start new rules in the middle of the night - if adjustments need to be made, we'll do it when we are all awake. So, into the chair he comes, and we all get comfortable. Really, we do. I didn't mind it much - we all find a spot and keep sleeping. 

Learning the joy of a tire swing

So this has been happening for a number of nights. And the other night, LM climbed up, got under the throw blanket, snuggled up to the side of me without a baby, and I put my arm around him. And that is when he said, "This is my favorite part". 

And that is when my heart melted.

Thank you, LM, for reminding me of my favorite part too. This hiccup in behavior will pass, but my (and your) favorite part will still be there. Love you to pieces.

Such a big boy

See you soon.

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  1. I enjoy all of your blog entries however, this one is special because your speaking from the heart of the Mother you have become.


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