Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sophia's Baptism

Waaaayyyy back in early October cousin Sophia was baptized. I have a lot of way back in October posts coming your way, as I am able. Here is the first one.

Little Man's cousin Sophia is two and a half months older than him. But, they are about the same size because my boy's such a hoss at this point in his little old life. And there are times these two look A LOT alike. I'm sure you'll see the resemblance.

Here are the photos of the day:

Sophia at baptism with mom then dad
Sophia with her mom before, and with her dad after the baptism.

LM was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the event.
Or not.

Sophia with Nonna and Papaw.

The baptism girl with me and S.

She wouldn't stop looking at me.
It was my magnetic personality I'm certain.

Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael with cousin Katherine.
She was about three weeks in this photo, I think.

alexandra with kelsy and then sam
Big sis Alexandra was there of course.
Shown here with Aunt Kelsey and Papaw.

sophia baptism nine up
Then the actual baptism service began.
And this catalogs some of the action.

I have to say I really liked how the priest managed the service. It was appropriate and reverent, but not two hours long. Appreciated on both accounts.

Then, the big moment came.
She was anointed with the holy water and baptized.

There were three babies being baptized on this day.

Lots of family were in attendance.

At the end of the service, Sophia was over it.
But she did pretty good until then.

Posing with the Godparents, Kim's sister and brother-in-law.


It was a good day for a nice service for a sweet girl.

See you soon.

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