Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little Holiday Magic

Here are some photos to get you into the holiday spirit! The woman who runs the store at work asked me to take some photos of Little Man in some of their holiday baby clothing. She felt having some photos displayed of babies in the clothes would help sales. So of course I obliged. And, I roped in his "twin" cousin Sophia to help too. I really needed a baby who could sit up by themselves for one of the outfits, and Sophia, being two months older, already does that on her own. We were able to get some really cute shots - I might even use one for our holiday card. That reminds me - I better get on that. I also hope they help the store sell for the holidays!

I should give credit to Sophia's mom Kim for the props - we had a tight turn around to get these done and I had no time to go get props. Kim picked up the Santa hat and made the little present. They were PERFECT for this shoot. I wanted something that said, "Christmas" but wasn't too over the top. I also want to note that during this shoot, I couldn't get one of my studio lights to work. So, the shadows on the left are from the failed light. But we did the best we could! Here are some of my favorites.

ooak 1
This is baby Sophia in her outfit...

ooak 2

ooak 6
...she was in a great mood for the shoot and was smiling a ton.

Then, Kim got roped into doing some photos too - the lady at the store gave me a matching adult shirt, but when I put it on it was, shall we say, WAY too tight in certain quadrants of the shirt. So, Kim put it on. Of course, it was way too big on her all over, because she is so petite especially compared to me. But it worked for the purpose of getting a "mom and baby" photo.


Then we put the bouncy seat under the muslin to take a few photos of Little Man in the Christmas pajamas, some with the Santa hat and some without. The shadows were more troubling in these photos, so some of them were just unusable. These were OK:

pj 5
I cropped this one to get rid of some shadow.

pj 6
I did this one to include in a photo collage...obviously not much product showing here.

pjsh 4

pjsh 9
With the hat on, the two babies look even MORE alike, don't you think?

Then, I used some of the photos to create some collages. I was going to do more, but then decided to wait to see what might be most useful to the store manager before I spent a ton of time on collages she didn't like or need. Here are two that I made:

pj collage one

first snowflake collage w snowflakes

By the way, I am purposely not mentioning the name of my employer in this post (even though you can see it in some of the photos) so it doesn't come up on Internet crawler searches...they are going to use the photos on their blog too at some point, and I don't want to steal their thunder. Without the name, I think we're probably fine just talking about them as they are!

***UPDATE*** - the blog post is up at work and you can see it too by clicking here.

So anyway, there are the photos from what I'm pretty sure was my first deliberate "product" photo shoot. I learned some things about product photo shooting, and will do a better job next time if I have another I have the opportunity to do it. We had some fun taking the photos, and I think they are going to work out for the store's purposes.

See you soon.

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  1. Great photos, cute babies!! Love them.


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