Monday, November 8, 2010

State Fair 2010! ***UPDATE COMING***

***HI ALL - I Just found my other State Fair photos and will be updating this post shortly.***

This year's butter sculpture was about Texas-OU

Also in the "old news but previously not reported here" category - an update on the State Fair of Texas! Yes, that's right. It closed almost a month ago. But sister, I'm living on little sleep and borrowed computer time these days. So here is your update of the great State Fair of Texas 2010.


We went to the fair four times. We took Little Man each time. He seemed to enjoy it except the day it was really hot. Each time we went to the fair, we went by to see my photos. They were displayed in the Creative Arts building with lots of other beautiful crafts and creations of all sorts. It is a great building to spend some time marveling in.

Me standing near the butterfly photo.
It's just above the one LM is looking at.

The other one - the sunflower image - was on the top row.

We walked all around.

On this particular night we went with S's brother and sister-in-law and Mark and Kim, their kids, her mom Debbie, and S's parents Cheryl and Sam. There were strollers and baby bjorns involved heavily in this outing. What a difference a year makes. We checked out the treasures people sell as well as the automobile buildings. And, of course, we ate our weight in fair food.

LM helped his Nonna down some fair food.
Not really. He just got some "sugar" from her.

Big A and Kim had cotton candy.
I can honestly say I am not a fan.

But Alexandra was. She liked it.

Even Kim's mom is a fan.
Don't worry, I get my calories in elsewhere, ladies. Ahem.

We saw the trains.
We all thought the trains were moving to Grapevine before this fair.
But they were still there.

We also went to the butterfly garden.
I highly recommend this place. Beautiful.

All of the fair photos were with the purse camera.
A couple turned out alright!

So there's the quick, late fair update!

See you soon.

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