Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back Home Again and For the First Time

Boy oh boy oh boy am I behind or am I behind? Geez. Life with a little one has changed my ability to get to the computer! So this post is about our trip to Indiana in early October. The purpose of the trip, as you know, was for Little Man to meet my family. I tried very hard to get photos of all the different family members holding him, but of course I didn't get that accomplished. I got to talking and watching Luke interact with different people and forgot sometimes. But here are some photos from the trip:

First off, Miss Jessica is now a nurse.
And I got to attend her pinning ceremony.

We are so proud of her!

Ok, now some photos of LM with the Indy relatives.
Of course, the grandparents had their time with him.
He loved that part.

Meeting his OTHER Aunt Kim. Who likes go to by Mimi. Phew.

Checking out cousin Lori.

With cousin Veda.

Chillin' with Uncle Steve.

TOTALLY comfortable with Unk.

Giving Bevi some sugar.

Relaxing with Aunt Marlene.
This one and the next few were at the baby shower for Gibson!

Oh, and Debbie had the touch, too.

With cousin Amber.

And Aunt Sherri.

And Torchy.

And we were just getting started. And remember, I forgot to get photos of some! LOTS of relatives. Little Man was SUCH a good sport. Really. He was generally in a good mood for most of the trip. And he slept well and we stayed pretty much on schedule with meals. Amazing. OK, more relatives and activities:

Here he was showing his grumpiness a bit...end of the afternoon.
With Aunt Sally!

And cousin Candy...who gave him his favorite toy of the handkerchiefs!

He and his Great-Great Aunt Dot hit it off from the start.

Meeting Uncle Bob.

And way high on the cuteness scale - his second cousin Rolen.
This is my niece Amber's son. Who gave him hand me downs.
I know. It's complicated. ;-)

Cousin Ryon was fun to sit with, for sure.

In good hands here...I mean cousin Jessica IS a nurse, for goodness sake!

Checking out Uncle Rick and that scruffy beard.
Or maybe the lights on the ceiling. One or 'tuther.

Meeting cousin Robin.

Robin came from the Colts game. She got to go for free because her husband entered her into a breast cancer survivor contest with a local radio station. They had brunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, were part of a huge pink ribbon on the field before game, and sat in a luxury box to watch the Colts. Pretty cool. She's had quite a year, so it was cool she got to go. And kudos to that husband of her for entering her in the contest. Way to go.

Of course, LM took time for some Nana hugs too.

In addition to attending nurse pinning ceremonies, baby showers, visiting relatives, and eating and sleeping, we also did some other stuff too:

We watched Veda play soccer.

We enjoyed the fall colors.

Kylie and Cora found this pretty caterpillar hanging out on part of a dried up soybean plant.

We watched Deacon play football.

And we visited the Garfield Park Conservatory again.
I'll share more of that another day. Maybe in 2012. Ahem.

All in all, it was a fabulous long weekend in Indy. It was a smoother trip because as you will remember my in-laws flew with me. That was very nice. And, I'm so glad we were able to go before LM got any bigger.

Hey, these Hoosiers aren't too bad, are they, Little Man?

I am determined to get caught up. We'll see if I get it done. Hope to see you soon to catch up on other items. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. One wonders just how LM will ever keep all these relatives in Indiana, whom he will not see often, straight? But no matter, lots of people love him...and you.



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