Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Gibson Ellett!

Baby number four for our family in 2010 arrived yesterday! I have lots of stuff still to post between the fair (which needs an update) and now, but this must go up directly! Gibson Ellett was born on Veteran's Day at 4:34am via emergency c-section. Mama and Daddy were up all night with the birthing process. He eventually arrived and is beautiful and wonderful by all accounts. He was 8lb, 5oz, 20in. I can't wait to meet him at Christmas, and am totally thrilled to once again be an Aunt.

His first name, Gibson, isn't after anyone - just a name his Mama and Daddy chose especially for him. It was a while after he was born before he received his name, as they were hashing it out even after he arrived. I don't know what his sanctioned nicknames will be, except for perhaps Branch, which he's been called for several months (another branch on the family tree) but I've taken to calling him Gib, Gibby, and the Gibber. These may all be contraband. I don't know. But it's a name that lends itself to cool nicknames, for sure. His middle name is a family name - my grandfather's name was Edward Ellett. Ellett was his mother's maiden name. Her family helped to found Ellettsville, Indiana.

Of course, relying on others to send me photos, here are some photos of the new little guy with my Indiana family:

diagonal close up of gibson


gibson a little like luke
This is the only one so far where I see some resemblance to his cousin LM

gibson looking like steve
Here he looks JUST like his dad.

kissy face
Kissy face!

dad and mom with the new son
Dad and Mom with their new son.

three kids with gibson
Veda, Deacon, Cora with their new brother!

mom and the gibber
Nana with another new grandbaby.

dad and torchy with gibson
Grandpa and Torchy checking out the babe.

bob and amber with gibson
Uncle Bob and cousin Amber.
I think it's funny Gibson already has his eye on Uncle Bob.
Smart kid. ;-)

bevi and unk with gibson
Bevi and Unk stopped by too!

cool man gib
Cool Man Gib.

high five
It's like he's saying, "Enough with the photos!"

three boys
The three boys.
And, my brother Steve with a look on his face that looks like HIS dad.

all three kids with steve looking on
The four kids, dad looking on.

everyone but terri
Four kids and dad, clearly after a Cora meltdown.

The whole beautiful family.

So there you have it! Our latest baby! As I said, I'm dying to meet him in person. It won't be long.

See you soon!

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