Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloween Wrap-up Wickedly Late

Also in October, for those of you scoring at home, was Halloween. And we participated in a small way in that celebration. Before Thanksgiving has come and gone, here are some photos of the festivities:

The Little Man - he was a dragon.

Or a lizard. Or a dinosaur. Something of the reptile variety. I am pretty sure the costume came from my niece Amber in Rolen's hand-me-downs. So of course we went with it. It was cute and it required no other purchasing or decision making. We went out in the front yard and took some photos of the little guy in this get up the day before Halloween. He cooperated pretty well, considering.




That day was also the last day Nana was visiting with us here in Texas. She had to get back to get ready for the birth of Gibson and all. We sure did appreciate her being here, and of course miss her too.

But it also meant she could be dispatched to report on what the Indy kids were wearing.
Cora the witch, Veda as Hermione, Deacon as a construction worker.

I didn't get around to demanding photos of Ryon and Nathon this year. I have fallen down on my Aunt-ly duties. But of course, we trick-or-treated, as it was, with the Dallas cousins, so I have photos of those cute outfits:

LM the reptile, Sophia the fairy, Katherine the cutie pie.
Sophia and LM continue to favor one another. They are "twin" cousins, no?

Andrew the golfer.

Alexandra the doctor, costume made by her mommy.

Of course we did a little bit of trick or treating with the "big kids."

Which made for great photo ops, as you can see.
I think there were like 15 adults and two trick-or-treaters.
Oh well.

So there you go! A Halloween wrap-up before Thanksgiving. Whew.

See you soon.

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  1. LM is adorable, Amy. Good pics in his reptile of sorts costume. Looking forward to meeting him in a month. Take care, Heather K.


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