Friday, July 23, 2010


37 weeks 5 days (8) (by Ateupamateur)

So this is it - we leave the serene, easy going life we once knew to become parents this afternoon. We are excited, scared, apprehensive, anxious, thrilled, and on the edge of our seats all at the same time. These photos were taken this morning to document the biggest I'll ever be on this pregnancy ride. Big enough, thank you! (If you are reading this on Facebook, this post could possibly be days old - I don't have any control over when it loads over there, so apologies for the old news should it be old news when you are reading it!)

37 weeks 5 days (10) (by Ateupamateur)

We woke up and had breakfast at IHOP this morning at 4am because I no longer can eat or drink until sometime this evening, and then only broth and stuff like that. Oh joy! So, I got in my last great meal without a baby hanging around (well, he WAS hanging around, but you know what I mean...) early this morning so I wouldn't be completely ravenous and unbearable by the time we hit the hospital labor and delivery ward. I am sure everyone will be thankful for that. S is home today to take me to the hospital here in a little bit to get all signed in and doped up. Then, this afternoon I'll have a c-section and baby S will no longer be inside me but breathing the air of this earth and looking for us to somehow know what to do next. And, the Good Lord willing, we'll amble forward to figure out what that could possibly be.

37 weeks 5 days (13) (by Ateupamateur)
One of S's artsy shots where I'm wondering what on earth he's doing...

Thankfully, we have help nearby. Nurses for a few days, as well as my mom, my dad, S's parents, and very soon, Dad's wife Torchy, and of course other friends and family that will all be able to help us get through the transition to parenthood. Thank goodness for that!

So, sometime in the next few days, we'll post some photos (and the name, God Bless!) of the little booger. I just don't know when that will happen...we'll wait and see how it goes.

See you soon!


  1. You look great A. Congrats to you and Big S. Can't wait to see the little fella.


  2. Love your new blog header! Congratulations!!


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