Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Update

35 weeks 37th birthday (15) (by Ateupamateur)

My birthday passed by last weekend, right on the day I turned 35 weeks pregnant on this crazy baby journey. It was a fabulous day. S brought me breakfast in bed. Yes, that's right. You read that correctly. I got BREAKFAST IN BED on my birthday. And, said breakfast was this delicious granola berry crisp that my friend Karen had given me. It was fabulous.

Then, we moved slowly all morning, reading the New York Times from cover to cover and taking it easy. Once we got ready to go we ran a couple of errands and then went to my in-laws for an early dinner. It was delicious - brisket, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit, and of course...birthday cake! As you can see, the birthday was ostensibly all about the food. Ahem.

I received lots of wonderful birthday greetings from family and friends and some nice gifts, and we capped the evening off by watching the nearby fireworks from our front yard. It was a good day.

35 weeks 37th birthday (3) (by Ateupamateur)

On that day, I asked my mother-in-law to take a couple of photos of S and me together. It dawned on me I was pretty sure we didn't have any photos of the two of us together while I've been pregnant. Or at least not recently! So, in this post are some of those photos. Also in the post are photos taken by S of me, on my birthday, 35 weeks pregnant.

35 weeks 37th birthday (10) (by Ateupamateur)
A signature S photo.

Let me also tell you what's going on with my 35-almost-36 week pregnant body. Apparently, I have pregnancy induced high blood pressure. It spikes high every once in a while, but I have none of the other signs of hypertension or preclampsia. Which is good. But, my doctor has asked me to basically rest in bed except for going to work. So I am trying hard to do that, and doing a pretty good job of it. S has really been taking good care of me so I can do this. I guess if I start having other signs, I will have to do other things, but for now the blood pressure has stayed in check. I am hoping this stays the case as I really don't want to go on full time bed rest or anything else. I mean, really people, I have three weeks to go. 21 days. Surely we can all get along between now and then! I'm taking one day at a time.

35 weeks 37th birthday (7) (by Ateupamateur)

Last weekend S and his dad finished painting the baby's room. So, all we have left to do in there is hang the art and some shelves and it will be officially complete. I did go online the other day to order our bedding using gift cards we have received and was dismayed to learn the bedding is back ordered. They are to email me when it is back in stock. It is available on other sites online, so hopefully this will be soon.

We have been enjoying the Wii we received from Kay at the last baby shower. And, an added bonus we recently learned about - we can stream Netflix instant movies to our television via the Wii! How cool is that? Hours and hours of entertainment.

This weekend we are taking a baby care/baby CPR class where I can stay seated with my feet up so no worries there. And, Sunday I will have my final shower filled with people from my work. I am sure they will let me lounge there too, so I will honor my resting commitment, even though it is a lot of activity. After that, I have really nothing that has to be done so I can lay around and rest. I'll rest up now since I'll be sleep deprived for weeks later!

I think that's about it for now. Just a little update for you - won't you be glad when this baby is here so you can stop looking at photos of me!

See you soon.

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  1. Of course I never get tired of looking at photos of you! You have a couple of great pics of the two of you.
    your mama


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