Thursday, March 13, 2014

Going Home - and The Myth of the Flat Belly

As I mentioned in the last post, they did eventually let us go home. On the morning we were to be discharged, I took a shower and put actual clothes on for the first time in five days. And, I seriously felt as if my belly was SUPER FLAT. I'm not kidding. When I looked in the mirror, and looked down from my vantage point, I was amazed at the transformation! 

I even took a photo to prove it.

And, let's be honest, it IS flat compared to THIS.

But, my friends, that tummy ain't flat. Nope. It is far from flat. I asked S to take a photo of me with BB, convinced it would prove my tummy's flatness...and here is that photo:


Um, yeah. Not flat. At all. Oh about flatter - we shall go with that. Ahem.

Anyway - this was all on going home day, as I said, so that meant we also put BB in "real clothes" for the first time - in a "going home" outfit I bought just for him. Most of what he will wear for the next several years of his life will be hand-me-downs from big brother LM, but for going home, he needed his own outfit.

And he swam in it...of course.

But he was cute in it nonetheless.

And he looked oh so tiny in the car seat as well.

That's the receiving blanket his Nana made him...

And we made it home.

And took a nap.

See you soon.

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