Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Other Hospital Visitors and Goings On

We had a few other visitors to the hospital while we were there. I want to share those with you today, and tell you a little bit more about our boy, and about our time in hospital.

Uncle Jim and Aunt Sis stopped by!

First, a little about BB's name. The first name is one we chose especially for him. We looked and searched through family records for a name we thought would fit him and our family, and while some made the final few, the one we ultimately chose, as far as we know, has no significant familial history. As I think I mentioned in the pregnancy posts, we had a time choosing this boy's name. With LM, the name just came to us, early on, clear as day. This one seemed a bit more challenging. We even bought a baby name book to help! With the help of family names and the baby name book, we came up with a list of about 20 names we felt might work - and this was around the first of the year. Then we whittled away at that list until we had it down to three or so that we agreed would work. 

Miss Margaret...

...and Todd stopped by for a visit.
Todd was disappointed we didn't name him Nugget. ;-)

Early on, I really wanted to try to find a name that didn't have a nickname associated with it - not that I disliked the nicknames associated with the other names we contemplated - just that I sort of liked that LM's name didn't have a nickname, and neither did ours, really, so it might be nice to meet that criteria. And, of course, we wanted this name to go with our long last name - so in our minds, that meant it needed to be no more than two syllables, nickname or not. I sort of gave up on the "no nickname" thing, but in the end, we chose a name that complied with that parameter anyway. 

The library came by too - Karen...



...and Chelsey!

Then, for the middle name, we definitely wanted to make it a family name - preferably on my Dad's side, since LM's middle name, while it appears on my Dad's side too - it's Uncle Kenny's middle name - it is most associated with my Mom's side of the family. LM's first name is associated with S's family, and of course so is his (and BB's) last name. So, we contemplated possibilities from all sides, but ended up with my maiden name as his middle name. This is really the only way to name a boy after his mother in any way, and it honors my Dad and his family in the same way. So, that is where his name came from, more or less, for better or worse! I am pleased with his name - it seems to fit him, and our family, and I think after all of the discussing and indecision, we made a good choice.

The nurses were so nice to LM - here he was able to use the stethoscope!

While in hospital, I ended up with a spinal headache - this happens in 2-3% of epidural cases - but due to the number of epidurals given at that hospital, that means they see a few every week. To fix it, I had a "blood patch" put in my spine - where they inject my own blood back into the epidural space, and it clots and stops the spinal leak - immediately. It is amazing. The night after the procedure, I had to stay lying flat, so this meant S had to stay with me overnight to give me the baby throughout the nighttime hours. Since the procedure, I have had no return of the headache. 


Other than that, we just did a lot of hanging out and getting to know one another. Then, finally, on Saturday, we were able to go home! I'll share our trip home sometime soon.

See you soon.

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