Monday, July 30, 2012

State Fair 2012 Entries

So it's that time of year again - time to enter the State Fair of Texas amateur photography competition. I almost let it slip by without entering, but I got it in under the wire, only because they have changed the rules. You can now drop off your photos on creative arts drop off day, later in August. They used to have to be mailed in. Sister, if I had to have mailed anything but a registration form, it would have been all over. Because I'm just living that sort of life these days. Last minute all the time. Oy.

OK, so I knew I wanted to enter this one:

IMG_8840 original

This will have to go into the "preschool children" category...which, my friends, is a highly competitive category, in my opinion. So, I haven't wanted to enter it before. And I'm not sure I'll have any luck there, but this photo evokes Texas to me in ways that are unique and action filled. It has bluebonnets, but in not an entirely predictable way. It has a Normal Rockwell-esque feel to me, as it looks like the boy is getting ready to take off on that rocker. So, there it is.

Then, I had to turn in the form without really thinking through all my other photo options. I remembered taking some photos at the Ft. Worth Zoo last fall that I liked, so I entered the other category as "Animals/wild". And, when I went back to look at those animals, I decided this one was the winner. I have never really paid attention to this category, and since this isn't "Texas-y" it may not get any attention at all, but here it is:

Jaguar original edited

Judging takes place toward the end of August and so I'll let you know if I get anything. Every year I've entered so far I've received some sort of ribbon, so I have high hopes, but you know one can never tell what they are really going for. Or at least I can't. I look at the winners every year and don't agree with the outcome regularly, so I leave it to them, and will be happy to have entered no matter what. 

OK, here's to a great Monday. 

See you soon!

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