Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man


I cannot believe I am writing a post about my boy turning 2. How can it be the day that changed our lives forever was already two years ago? Oh, how I remember that day, and cherish those memories in my heart. Our boy is 2 today, friends. And he is such a sweet, adorable, loving, lovable, rambunctious, life affirming 2 year old to boot. How blessed we are to celebrate this day with him.

A few minutes old.

I need to go back and read the 21 month update, but I don't have time. I have a two year old! It would help me remember what is new in the last three months. So, I'm going to try to remember on my own. Dangerous. The boy's a walking chatterbox these days, narrating life as it happens around him. He notes things he sees, tells you what he WANTS and does NOT want, what he wants to wear, where he wants to go, how he would like to do things, who he would like to do them with, and everything in between. He strings words together into sentences, and while of course his Daddy and I can understand more than anyone else can, there are also more and more words that are clear as day.  Oh my!

six months on quilt (16)
Six months old.

One year old!

The boy can jump in the air, a 2 year old milestone, I understand, and run pretty darn fast. He thinks it's darn funny to run away from YOU and make you catch HIM. He is really pretty thoughtful for a 2 year old. Don't get me wrong, he still says, "MINE!" and takes things away from other children from time to time, but he says, "thank you" almost all the time, mostly without prompting, and he will share his toys if reminded he is to do so.


Little Man LOVES the children's show, "Yo Gabba Gabba" and is in a zen-like trance when we allow him to watch it. He still isn't interested in much else, except the occasional Elmo or Fresh Beat Band. But, since we, unless traveling by car, limit his television time, he chooses to maximize the "Muno!" time, which is what he calls it. Muno is one of the characters he loves on the show.



He loves to give hugs and kisses. His friends are Max, Anthony and Tuesday these days, as well as his cousins. When he's trying to talk Mommy into getting out of bed, he says, "Mommy, coffee?" So, in other words, he knows his Mama pretty well. Hee hee. The boy loves to help Daddy with whatever he might be doing - assembling something, taking out the trash, climbing a ladder - whatever Daddy is doing is something cool that he wants to do too. He is still obsessed with umbrellas, as well as bike helmets, bikes, buses, "choo choo buses" which are the DART trains, shoes, books, and playing in the water. He loves his dog, Echo, and doesn't give much attention to the poor cat. Actually, the cat is probably just fine with that.




Nana and Unk came down for the Little Man's birthday. 
He liked spending time with them.



I love this, and wish it was focused better on the action!














Happy Birthday to my son. I count myself as one of the luckiest people on the planet because I get to be your Mommy. Here's to many, many more happy birthdays.

See you soon.

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  1. A handsome, lovable, intelligent lil 2 yr old cowboy. Great post from past to present! I ever thought I would love a Texas cowboy... boy was I wrong! I love you both.


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