Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The 2nd Birthday Party

I was trying to get all of my photos uploaded from the boy's 2nd birthday party before I posted about it. But, uploading is taking FOR-EV-ER so I'm going to do a post today, and if I feel like I need to do another one later, I will. Ha. The boy's birthday party was the weekend before last. It was something like 107 that day - ungodly amounts of heat - and we had a petting zoo coming, so the party was outdoors. The boy seemed to have a good time - but you can tell in the photos how hot it was:


I really had a hard time deciding what to do for this birthday party. I waffled back and forth between a few ideas for a while, but after we went to the Dallas Zoo and Gentle Zoo at the end of May, I decided an animal theme was the way to go, because the boy talked about the animals for weeks after that. So, I first looked into having the party at the Dallas Zoo. Sister, they want an ungodly amount of money for very little in return. Someone at work mentioned to me that having a petting zoo come to your house would be way cheaper than the zoo's option. So, I looked into that. Indeed, it was way cheaper, and this outfit even brought a pony. 


It was not lost on me even before the day of the party how ridiculous the "pre-boy" me would have thought having a petting zoo for a 2 year old birthday party would be. The "post-boy" me, when I say, "We had a petting zoo at my son's birthday party" out loud, thinks it sounds absolutely ridiculous. And, when I saw these people in my front yard, I thought I had lost my mind. But, you see, I have been completely snowed by this little creature. He clearly has me wrapped around his finger, because I'm doing ridiculous things like ordering a petting zoo for his birthday party. That's the God's honest truth. That's how it goes around here these days, for sure.


In addition to his cousins, Dexter and Anthony were able to come.
Max and Tuesday were out of town.


Even the horse was hot!

At one point, they got to feed the animals.



I bought this cute fabric birthday banner on Etsy. It's one we can use year after year. 

We had snacks.


The kids were able to go back and forth between eating/resting and playing with the animals or riding the pony. In addition, we had a trough with a duck game in it, and ride on toys on the driveway. At the end, we did bubbles, which LM mostly just dumped onto the driveway. And, we even cracked open some Easter eggs that were left over. In addition, S brought a Sno Cone machine home from work so the kids had those as well. And, of course, we had birthday cake. Here are more photos about those things:













Hi Ma!



OK, so as you see, no cake photos have uploaded yet. Or bubbles. Or eggs. so, I'll share those another day. 

See you soon.

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