Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San Diego, Day 1

So, those birthday party photos are still not all uploaded. I don't know what I've done to jinx that album, but it's having a time of it. And, I have a couple of other activities we've done between then and coming to San Diego, some of which is partially uploaded. But, here in sunny, cool San Diego, where we are vacationing, things upload like a dream. So, while it would be nice to keep it all in order, like my life, that ain't happenin'. Here are some of the highlights from the first day of our trip.


When we landed in San Diego on Saturday, we were starving! We checked into our hotel and then went looking for something to eat. It turns out we are staying very near Little Italy. We had some pizza and then we drove on out to Coronado just to see what that was all about. LM fell asleep in the car, so we didn't get out - we just drove by and saw the beautiful old famous hotel and the picturesque beaches.

As we were leaving Little Italy, we caught this wedding beginning.

The obligatory "up the trunk" photo.

A blue door.

We are staying in an area of town called Point Loma, near Liberty Station. Liberty Station used to be a Navy training school, but was closed in the 90's. Since then, it has been repurposed to mixed use development. Along this canal, there are walking paths, park areas for gathering and eating, and a really cool playground. We walked down to the playground for a while that first night:









He really wanted to play on this digging toy, but the big boys had it!

Then, a walk back to the hotel on Daddy's back!

And a motorcycle sighting.
A good night.

I have photos from the other days as well, of course. But, we're off to Sea World today, so I've gotta go!

See you soon.

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