Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Fun with the Cousins

My sister-in-law Kim made these fabulous dresses, vests and ties for the cousins this year for the holidays. We set out to take some photos in the arts district with them. However, we arrived just as two of the buildings were emptying out of people, so we didn't have the greatest timely choices of spots to shoot. And, I was really trying to do at least SOMETHING manual with the shoot, and used aperture priority. I am unhappy with just about all of them, as they aren't crisp. I'm gonna need a LOT more practice to be able to capture five wiggly kids the way I want to without being in auto. I look forward to seeing the images Kim and Michael took, and I hope they are better! But, here are some that don't completely vex me. The subjects are at least cute, right? Here you go:

First of all, will you look at that swagger?
He knew he looked good, huh?

These bench shots were some of the best in the bunch, 
but the older two weren't really into the shoot yet...



So I just cropped them out for this great one of the "triplets"!



Sophia was playing with LM's hair...


I like these maybe the best, but we have some where you can see under dresses...argh.



Several cute ones of this ornament, but not in a "portrait" sort of way.
I was at a different angle than the others - hoping theirs are better!

At the end, we let them play in the water around some of the ornaments.
I mean, it WAS 80 degrees...

Sweet brother and sister shot, I thought.

OK, so there you go. Totally cute kids, one frustrated amateur. Maybe when I get through more of them, I'll find some others to share. Posting for the rest of the week may be down, as I'm going to be very busy loading in Christmas at work. But, I'll post when I can!

See you soon.


  1. I think the shots were great! The color is magnigificant and the kids are precious. It will be a real hoot watching each personality develope. I think a return photo, same place, in about 14 years would be a novel idea.

  2. Thanks Dad. That would be fun, to return in a few years, for sure.


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