Monday, December 17, 2012

A Random Update

We had a productive and busy weekend here at the Ate Up Household. I created a "TO DO" list before the weekend began, and with the recent news, I needed to stay busy, so we actually made great progress on it:

Saturday - 

 - take Echo for shot - check! (needed before we board her next week)
 - get LM's hair trimmed up - check! 
 - get stuff for goodie bags - check! (this is for LM's class holiday party)

 - go to christkindl market - check!

 - finalize shopping - check-minus! (still need to do this in greater detail)
 - do christmas cards - check, except it happened all on Sunday!

 - go out Saturday night - check, and a wonderful time we had, by the way!

Sunday - 

 - pick up chocolates - check! (gifts for people at work)
 - laundry - check! (thanks to S) 
 - finish photography class - check! (not to my satisfaction, but finished nonetheless)

final shot submitted for the photography class

 - finish cards - check! (which really meant "start cards")
 - set up LMs big boy bed - NOPE! This one got moved to next weekend


In addition, we had some really lovely quality time as a family...




...ate some good food, read some good books, and didn't watch a stitch of news coverage. 

I still had a hard time saying goodbye to this boy this morning, though.
It's hard to think I cannot always keep him safe.

In other news, this recently happened:

My almost twelve year old car finally hit 100K!

And, we were able to relatively inexpensively fix my car once more, so we (I use the term "we" loosely here, as S was not in total agreement, but he left me be) decided to keep it for a while longer. 

See you soon.

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