Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Even though we're packing and don't know when we might be moving, we will be here on Christmas, so we put up the Christmas tree last night, and a few other decorations. But, we left a lot of it in the boxes for next year. In fact, it's spurred me to start packing up more of our knick knacks and stuff like that for the move. Here are some photos of us decking the house:


Yep, S was in shorts. It was HOT here yesterday.
Supposed to be in the 80's again today.

We sort of shoved everything over and kept the tree in the den. It's where there is furniture to sit on for Christmas morning, so we felt that was the best location. We used to place the tree in what is now LM's toy corner, so it had to find a new home. We could have put it in the front room, amidst all the boxes, where it could be seen easily from the street, but then we could not enjoy it on Christmas day, and that's more important.

I really love that little pencil tree.
I know there are prettier ones to be had, but this one is so handy!



Then we found the stash of Santa hats!

When you ask LM what he wants Santa to bring him, he says, "A hat and boots like Santa" - and that is all we can get out of him. We tell him we already have that stuff, (He has some rain boots that could pass for "boots like Santa" and since it's not raining here, they are brand new) and then that's the end of the conversation. Oh, and when you ask him what we should get his teachers, they need boots too. Hmmm...I wonder how I find out their shoe size without giving it away. ;-)


I wish this wasn't a tad blurry of the boy!
Low light, too slow of a shutter.

There's our Elf...not sure LM gets it yet.

And my mom made this last year.
You add a character to the quilt each day and on Christmas the picture is finished!






The next two weeks will be very busy for me and S. Tis the season, I suppose. Wish us luck! I have to somehow finish my Christmas shopping and we need to go see Santa, too. We'll figure it out. We always do.

I hope your holiday is shaping into something nice.

See you soon.

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  1. Many, many thoughts of Christmas past when I read your blog discribing your family's experience. Your experiencing the second wonder of Christmas. First was you as a child and now again through Luke. I think you would agree it is even more special now.


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