Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visiting Santa: The Trains

Friends, I am here to tell you that this tale in this post and the ones to follow, and the ones I gather in the coming years, will forever be one of my favorite moments as a parent. It represents the most wonderful parts of parenting, the most wonderful parts of childhood, and all the good feelings of the Christmas season. It's just pretty darn perfect, and I loved the afternoon we had making these memories, looking at the pictures, remembering the time together and retelling it to you. So here we go - we went to visit Santa last week, and here is the start of the adventure we had.

First, I should say that last year we went in the morning, got our number, waited around for story time and in line to see Santa, and it was a bit too much for the 1 year old. After talking with my sisters-in-law about their experiences, we decided to try the afternoon. Next year, what I will do is - go by on my way to work to get THE NUMBER, and then go in the afternoon after nap to see him. This way, we can get right in when we go back, because they will have passed our number.

So, we arrived, collected a number, and were told the estimate for when we would see Santa was three hours into the future. We headed off to see the sights of the mall while we waited.

First, the marionette show!


Then, on to the trains!

I should say, the boy was ready to see Santa WHEN WE ARRIVED, so this alternate activity was not really what he was expecting. He was SO excited to see Santa, and he didn't really want to wait and see this other stuff. That said, he did enjoy the other activities, as you will see.




You can donate money to decorate a train.
Proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House.
As we were there, a friend's train went by!


Choo Choo!


I was shooting in full manual in the train exhibit.
Therefore, I have a lot of crappy photos as I try to learn more about manual mode.
But, I was very proud of capturing the blur of this moving train while the rest is in focus! 


Look! SMU!

And look who else was there!





Then, it was on to more fun. But, that part of the fun will have to happen another day.

See you soon!

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  1. I have to admit, even at my age, I love to look at the model trains. There is a thril they bring on that can only happen again watching the "good guys" whip the "bad guys" in a good ol' Western. Thanks for sharing, great memory.


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