Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

Dear Loyal, Sweet, Kind, Generous and All Around Wonderful Ateupamateur.com blog reader:

So, I am a little behind. In many ways. In getting through some photos to post for you here, for one. I have some of S making pasta, and making pizza dough, and helping me make ravioli. But they are all mixed together so I need to go through them. I also made some banana bread I want to share with you.

Kellie, please keep reading the blog - I promise there are no calories in my food photos. ;-) You can look all you want!

I also have some new photos of the animals I thought I'd share, and then there are lots of photos from Prague I still want to get to. And, surely I'll take more photos this week of something. So hopefully we'll get to some of that later this week. But, I'm behind in my process right now. I had some kitchen clean up to still do tonight. And a guitar lesson. Boy, do I love my guitar lessons. Have I mentioned that lately?

And, well, then there's the bike riding. My mother asked if we just rode the races or if we practiced. Yes, people we "practice" - we ride around our neighborhood all the time. But, it's all the same stuff, you see, so the rides make it more interesting. And, all the other reasons I've ruminated over in those bike posts. You've read them. And now you know we "practice."

Then, of course, I work full time. And work is crazy busy this time of year. Never enough time to get it all done. And I cook "regular" meals and do laundry and all that stuff. Of course. And errands. Random errands that suck some time. And I pay bills. And, from time to time, I like to sit and do nothing. Or read a book or a magazine. Or watch a movie. You know, down time.

Oh, and there's this little point about the fact that I'm LEAVING TOWN for two weeks next Monday with work. So, the pre-leave anxiety has settled in. And my dogs needs their toenails trimmed. And there are flowers to water. And the guest room sheets need cleaning. And, speaking of toenails - were we speaking of toenails? - mine really could use a new coat of paint.

But, we're all busy. We fill up our time and we're busy! Sort of like that saying that no matter how much money you make, you'll spend it - no matter how much time you've got, you'll fill it up! You can all relate to that, yes?

So, today, I thought I'd share this one photo from Prague. We stopped in a McDonald's to use the facilities when we were walking around town. While S was otherwise occupied, I took the photo below of the ad sign.

Sure does take a whole lot more letters to get out "I'm Lovin' It" in Czech, huh? Hard to get all that into the jingle, I bet. Tricky. I bet Czech jingle writers are millionaires if they can set a jingle to that kind of mess. Or they should be!

And, despite all my whining, to steal a phrase, I'm lovin' it too - all of it. Life is good, people. I'm riding high, skating by on the silver lining. And, no I'm not on any mind altering substance. It's all good.

Hope to see you tomorrow with a new post on an aforementioned topic. Wish me luck. Later for now.

All My Love,

Ate Up


  1. Good luck, per your request.

  2. I got behind and didn't read for a couple of days. I won't quit reading - especially since you specifically asked me to on your blog post! I can totally relate to your "I'm behind post." I'm behind too. My workout time is slipping, and I really need to fix that. I also want to start my own blog so you can follow me!!! I'll still tune into your very entertaining blog and then just exercise some serious restraint and NOT eat copious amounts of cornbread, biscuits, pasta, etc... I can't wait for a dinner invitation to the Wagliardos!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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