Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Day Recap

A week or so ago when it got down to planning Father's Day lunch, S decided he wanted to have his immediate family over to our house for the occasion and make fresh pasta and pizza/bread dough. Which he did. But he wasn't feeling so hot Sunday morning, so I picked up the slack and got us ready for the lunch. So, I did end up doing a little more than the salad and the dessert. I didn't mind at all, of course. S's parents, as well as his two brothers and their families joined us.

S worked on Saturday and wasn't feeling so hot, but he made lots of pasta and pizza dough, as well as his family's tomato sauce in preparation for lunch on Sunday. I did take some photos of this action, which I'll share at some point in time. Since cooking was a big part of what we did last weekend, you might see more about food than normal this week. I bet you can't wait!

On Sunday, S put the leaves around our dining room table...

...and I set the table, made some tea, warmed up the sauce...and I made a lemon bundt cake. BUUNDT cake. BUUUNNNDDDTT cake. I refrained from putting a flower in the hole, though. Name that movie. I also got the garlic bread ready, made a salad, got the serving dishes out, washed all dirty dishes I could find so we'd be ready for the onslaught afterward, and generally was a busy bee.

Then the guests began to arrive, and of course I have the most photos of the little ones because they are just generally more photogenic then us old farts. For a short time we had some "extra" guests - Brooke's aunt and uncle were coming through town on their way to DFW and wanted to see Andrew. So, they stopped by for a little time with the little guy before we sat down to eat.

Alexandra and her dad hung out before the meal by playing with some toys she brought with her and warming up to Norman the cat.

Then we sat down to eat. Things got very very quiet for a while.

Except for a moment Alexandra had a little meltdown. Nothing pizza and later cake wouldn't cure. I do think the "I was worth the wait" bib is oh so funny when the child is screaming. Like it's a reminder to the parents. Remember, I was worth the wait!!!!

During lunch, Andrew took turns in everyone's lap.

After lunch, we went out to the front yard for some photo ops. This has sort of become a family tradition at such gatherings. Our ancestors will one day wonder why we stood outside to take photos...don't you wonder that when you go back and look through old photos? You think, "Why are they standing out on the side of the house?" I do. Well, we're continuing this tradition just to continue to throw them off in years to come. Seriously, though, the background is generally prettier than inside shots, and there is usually better light. So, that's why.

Of course, there was the try at the cousin shot again. Outdoors first - complete no-go.

And then indoors - still not great.

After the photos, we visited for a while in the den, and Alexandra checked out some of the junk in our "toy" box. It is a container of odds and ends we've collected over the years - some of it is actual toys. A lot of it is not. Our old next door neighbors, Sophie and Sadie, used to love to dive right into it though. I think it is "cool" because it's not like the toys at home. Alexandra checked it out for a while and found it to also be entertaining, I think.

And Sam rested his eyes.

Where were the dogs during all of this? In the utility room - it's too hot in the afternoon for them to be outside these days, and since they are not used to "little people" we kept them at bay. Alexandra went by and waved at them, talked to them, watched them-several times. Echo was in there too - she just took to her bed and slept off the sorrow. Ellie is more intense about standing at the gate like a refugee and trying to talk you into letting her out.

Then, S insisted - insisted - that I get out the guitar and play a little for the crowd. People, I suddenly felt like I was back in 6th grade. You know, when you start playing your instrument, and the whole family is over for Thanksgiving, and you're called upon to share with them your version of Kookaburra? Yeah, nice. I am not equipped to actually play anything worth listening to at this point in my guitar career. Maybe never! But, I played my little exercises that I prepare for my lessons. And Alexandra, at least, was entertained. She even took her "wand" and directed me for a time.

When it was time to go, Alexandra was ready for a nap and a little bit cranky. We all were, really. ;-) But, she went and said "bye " to the dogs and to Norman as well as the humans still present. S and I took naps too yesterday afternoon. I guess we needed to catch up on some Zzzs just like the little one did.

It was a nice little Father's Day lunch, and pretty tasty. Thanks, S, for all the fresh pasta and dough. It was great.


  1. Very tasty lunch! Thanks again. I don't think I have enjoyed pizza that much since I was actually in Italy. And the Lemon Bundt Cake... Fast becoming my favorite cake-Yum Yum

  2. Name that movie - Big Fat Greek Wedding now, how about a hard one. :-)

    I might have to "unsubscribe" to this blog soon. The ridiculously delicious food posts are killing me!!!

  3. At least in these pics, Andrew looks like Mommy... or so I think. Food looked great!


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