Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arboretum Water

S and I had the occasion to stop by the Dallas Arboretum last week. I took several photos before the sun went down. And, I like some of them. I became mesmerized by the water at the gardens, specifically the water walls. Totally immersed. Mentally, of course. Today I'm going to share this momentary affliction with you.

First, though, a few of the flora shots.
I like this one. I need some of these in my yard.

And the cannas...oooh the cannas.
Remember, they were this pretty in MARCH in Florida.

A magnolia blossom. Waiting to bloom.

I love this one.

These - I do have some of these in a pot on my porch.
Happy flowers, yes?

I can't explain it, but they make me think of Gonzo.
Or Animal. Muppets in general I guess.
I know, it's a weird wild world in that brain of mine.

Here is some water I found early on...

And I liked the water of this fountain...and the long path behind it.
If it were just a tad more off center so we could see more path...

And this infinity pool works great at the lake's edge.

And, this cool inverted fountain caught my eye.

But then, over there in the distance...

...these walls of water - the true objects of my affection!

Aren't they calming?
Inviting? Soothing, even?

Can you imagine the sound?

They are my new favorite thing.

But the sun - darn that sun - it began to wane.

It began to set in the west behind the heavy clouds.

I had to say farewell to my love, the water walls.
(Insert sad violin music here. Cue the sad faces.)

The sunset wasn't half bad either on this night at the Arboretum.

Not bad at all.


  1. Pleasant surprise, I enjoyed the water pictures of your facination. I thought I would be board with them, but found them enjoyable. Thanks.

  2. One of my favorite posts!

  3. Stunning, Amy. Absolutely stunning!!
    Great work.
    Keep it up and thanks for entertaining all of us.


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