Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Road Again

Today, I am driving to Colorado. For work. And, my mom is going with me to help me drive and to hang out in the pretty climbs of Vail for a few days. But, before we get on with that, WELCOME to follower number EIGHTEEN! 18! 18! 18! Welcome, welcome. Please keep coming back. I have more to say. ;-)

So anyway, I mentioned in Friday's post that my dad went with me a few years back, so mom is going this year. I drive because the altitude hits me pretty hard. And, hitting me pretty hard this morning as well is the fact that S has been sick again all weekend. Running a fever, in the bed, sick related to his condition. So, my hope is to get him in with the doctor first thing this morning and on the road to recovery so we can still head to Amarillo by morning. Name that singer.

The first year I was up there, I flew, and I ended up in the hospital for a few hours due to the altitude situation. So, driving at least slows down the altitude change a bit. S will stay behind and work once he gets well. And care for our brood of furry children. God bless him. And wish him a speedy recovery!

The photos in today's post are from my previous trips to Colorado for work. In case you were wondering. Quite a few of these photos were taken on the path from my condo to the "office." After spending time in this place each summer and coming back to the concrete island known as Dallas, I wonder why anyone ever thought to settle there - in Dallas - after they were there for a summer.

This place - Colorado - it's amazingly beautiful. And, if you've only ever come for the snow, I think you're missing the best part. I really do.

So, we'll be driving to Amarillo today, barring any changes to S's condition. The fairly boring, flat, not pretty part of the drive to Colorado will be today. But, then, hey, we'll be half way there, so that'll be good. I'll be posting from my remote location in the cool, cool mountains as I can. And I'll take new photos of the beauty surrounding me. I'm staying someplace new, so the walk will be different than the walk these photos were taken on. And I'll revel in needing a jacket. And close-toed shoes. And long sleeves and pants. I can't wait.

I wonder if you'll be able to detect a better mood. I mean, I will still be working, and really the schedule up there is busy. And, there's the aforementioned altitude difficulties. But, the high is supposed to be in the low to mid-60's. Lows in the 40's. 40's!!! And there is supposed to be rain. Oh, rain. I miss rain. It will be a break from the unending Texas summer heat that has settled in way too early this year.

My Indiana relatives are reading that part about the rain right now and wondering where I've gone wrong. Anyone from Indiana would never wish for rain. There's too much gray up there in the winter months to ever WISH for a cold, rainy day. But, people, 18 years in Texas have changed me. And this is one way I am converted. I LONG for cold, rainy days. Please, Lord, bring me some cold rain. In July. And August. And September, too, while you're at it. Thank you.

I'll celebrate my birthday while we are there. Who knows what we'll do. Maybe we'll just sit around and stare at one another. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

I'll keep you informed about S's progress to being well again, my goings on, outside of the work stuff, of course. Because no one wants to read about WORK, do they? Hope to see you tomorrow morning from the beautiful city of least that will be my goal - to find the beauty in it. Amen.


  1. George Strait!


  2. George Strait

    Uncle Kenny

  3. C´mon we mean work in Vail Colorado? This is a heck lot of fun! Next time you need a driver, just le me know! Have fun!!!


  4. Amarillo is God's country say nice things about that area, my livelihood depends on it as well!!!!!


  5. Got behind reading again. I so would have gotten the George Strait reference!! :-)

    Enjoy your brief respite from the heat. I'm not sure what's going on in Big D, but it's finally cooled off a little and we got some RAIN in Austin!

    I hope S continues to get better.

    Can't wait for the Colorado blog posts and pics. Now I'm off to twitter to start "following" Dallas Symphony!


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