Thursday, June 25, 2009

Animal Business

First, a few housekeeping items. I want to apologize for the typos in yesterday's post. I was tired when I wrote it and I didn't check it as closely as I normally do. I'll blame it on the heat. It was the heat's fault. But, I'm sorry for the reader trouble caused by the writer malady.

Second, we have a new follower among us, people - welcome #17 - SEVENTEEN - I used to LOVE that magazine. When I was twelve. What's up with that? But I digress. I love having another reader and follower. Welcome one and all, and especially today, lucky seventeen.

Third, if you're reading this as a note on Facebook, please feel free to stop by the "real thing" at And become a follower. And tell your friends. I love new followers as you can tell. And I love to have regular readers. It makes me feel less loony to know someone is reading all this drivel. Thank you. So, come on by sometime. We'd love to have you hang with us.

Now on to today's post.

Norman sitting on the desk, helping me blog.
Pay no attention to that huge pile of papers that need filing behind him.
No attention at all.

The animals are trying to stay cool this summer, just like the rest of us. Man, it got hot early this year in Texas, and it's killing me. Killing me! I hate the heat. Have I mentioned I hate the heat? Well, let me mention it now just in case - I - HATE - THE - HEAT!!!

Also pay no attention to the papers he's sitting ON. Ahem.

Norman has taken to a box. That's right, his new favorite place to be is inside a paper box. I brought the box home one night, full of stuff from a work trip to Greenville, TX (not the same one I took last week, but one earlier in the month). The next day, I emptied the box of its contents with the intention of taking it back to work. Norman had other plans. He jumped right in once it was empty and didn't leave except to eat, really.

So, a few days later I decided I was going to put the box out for the trash. I picked it up and put it on its side next to the back door. Norman was having nothing of that. He followed me around the house - no joke - right behind me - meowing the whole time - for a good long while. I finally realized it was the box he was after. So, I relocated it to the corner of the guest room, near a window where light would stream in on him, which he also likes, and he's been in THERE ever since.

Sometimes Lil Bit climbs in there with him. But she vacates when she sees me coming so I haven't gotten a photo of the cozy pair in there together.

The dogs and I have been spending more quality time together. That's because it's hot. Have I mentioned it's HOT? And I hate the heat? Well, I do. And it is. And, the dogs hate the heat too. So do any dogs really - if you have a dog, please don't leave it out in this kind of heat - please bring her indoors or at least in shade with a good fan and maybe a baby pool.

Echo, curled up with S on the bed.
I had to crop S out almost entirely or he would have killed me, you understand.

So, when it's hot, so that they don't completely go crazy on us, we leave them outside in the morning and bring them indoors for the afternoon. S used to do this - he worked near the house and had, well let's say, a flexible schedule because he used to be in sales.

But, last July he took a great new job where he works further from home and is out of the office less. I know you're thinking "great new job" and "further from home and in the office more" don't exactly go together, but in this case they do. When the new job happened, the dog runs became my job.

Proof of the much needed nail trim mentioned in Tuesday's post.

I don't mind it, really. Don't mind it at all. First, I save money by not going out to lunch every day. I do use more gas, I guess, but I don't live that far from the office. I think we end up ahead.

And - I know this is going to sound very sad, but, most of my work friends I used to lunch with have gone and quit to go work somewhere else or leave the city, or they've gone and retired. Or they bring their lunch. So, I have fewer people to lunch with anyway. Not that I don't LOVE lunching with those who are left, of course. When it's not 100 degrees in the very cool shade.

Last, it does give me some nice time with the pooches. At night, I get busy doing chores around the house, running errands, messing with photos, riding the bike, practicing the guitar, etc. At lunch, I make and eat lunch. And hang with the girls for a little bit. And that's it. So, it's nice.

So, that's what's been going on around here in the lives of the rich and famous furry creatures that live with S and me. You're all up to date. See you tomorrow.

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