Friday, June 12, 2009

Shooting the Moon

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that I became fond of photographing the moon last Saturday night, as well as the race. So, I thought I'd share with you the moon photos today. As night falls on the poetic. If you're not a poet. Heh heh.

The moon was full the night after I shot these photos. So, the moon was almost full on Saturday night. Purty near anyway. Purt' near. Now that will bug my mother. Let me digress for a moment. You see, I, from time to time on this here blog, from time to time, I don' t use proper grammar. Or spelling. Or sentence structure. I use colloquialisms. And run-ons. And slang. When I saw my mother last - who is a regular reader of my blog - she indicated this was not something she felt was a good use of blog space. She felt these here colloquialisms - these here sayings - well, they just darn near made me sound dumb.

I told her I'd have a look-see into it, but I was pretty sure people got that I was just spicing up the typin', and it was gonna be OK. That people knew my intelligence was nothin' special, but it was certainly, generally speakin', normal. And, that my SIXTEEN (welcome latest reader) blog readers - well, fifteen, because she's one of 'em - that my fifteen blog readers would be alright about my use of slang terms, mixed participles, dropped letters and two word descriptors. I told her I might could cut it out, but what fun would that be? I'd be fixin' to take all the fun out of that there blog writin'. But, it bugs her that I do it. Bless her heart. Sorry mom. I love ya anyways, darn it all.

OK, back to the moon. The moon was almost full. And it beckoned me - teased me - chased my lens around my face - to take it's picture. But, shooting the moon - it isn't easy. (I was going to write 'it ain't easy' but I thought at this point that might put my mother into anaphylactic shock.) I've tried to shoot the moon before and it doesn't always work out the way I suppose it will.

But this night - this night - this night, for some reason, that moon showed me his good side. He posed for me just right. And, I got a few shots I thought I'd share. Here they are, before Friday's over already!

The moon started teasing me just as the sun was going down.
Over there, in a perfect location for my seat at the race.

I know, my cousin Robin is saying right now - she did a whole post on the race where she seemed lukewarm at best about being there - but today, she can muster up a whole completely enthralled post about the MOON? Who is this girl, and how can we be related? But, it's true, my friends, I did get more excited about these moon shots and the placement of that great moon in relation to my race seat than I probably did about the race itself. It's the brutal, honest truth. Not that I didn't have fun with the whole thing. I did. I liked it all. But the moon - it was beckoning me.

It became brighter and more beautiful as the night fell in around the racetrack.

I mean, look at that! How can you not love that?

It was so beautiful.

I tried moving the moon to different parts of the viewfinder.

I did this for two reasons. First, I was unsure how great the shots would be - that dastardly devil the moon had thwarted my attempts for a decent shot before - and I figured moving it around the viewfinder might improve my chances at a good shot. Second, I ended up with some pretty cool sunrise shots when I offset the sun in the viewfinder. So I figured it might work for the moon too.

I guess it sort of worked for the moon, too.

Sort of.

Night fell on the Speedway...and I kept watching that moon.

It got darker and darker.

Then, the most amazing thing happened...CLOUDS rolled by!

Are you serious? Clouds - CLOUDS - clouds, my favorite thing to have in a nature photograph - clouds just showed up out of nowhere? It was amazing. And, not too many clouds either - just enough to make it interesting. Just enough floated on through for a brief period of time. I couldn't believe my luck.

So, I snapped this one and then immediately put the telephoto lens back on.

I got that glow off the bottom moon reflection - I guess against the clouds - in a few.

But then the clouds helped me out again - floated in the right place to take out that glare.

It was an amazing photo shoot with you, moon. Thanks.
I had the best time.

So, what's on tap for your weekend? S and I, as mentioned, will get up even earlier this Saturday morning to drive to McKinney, Texas for the Collin Classic. We're still up in the air on whether we'll just do the 22 miles or try the 34 mile route. It's relatively flat with just a few bugger hills so we might try it. We'd like to try a little further ride, and this might be the time to do that - I mean, we'd pass three rest stops and it's fairly flat terrain. And it's still not all that far on a bike - a road bike, anyway. Not that we'll be riding one of those, of course. But really, how could we go wrong? The heat - that's how - if we go the longer route, we'll most certainly still be riding as the heat comes on for the middle of the day. And I hate the heat. Did you know that about me? I bet you did. We'll see. I'll let you know, which I know you know already. I tell you everything!

Also on tap - I'm working a bit, we're helping friends celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary and we've been invited to dine with friends. All wonderful photo opportunities - well, maybe not that working part, but the rest - all good. So, I hope the rest of your Friday is a good one and you have a great weekend. See you again next week.


  1. Interesting how clouds can "make or break" a shot of the sun and moon. Makes all the difference.
    Looks like you had a great time at the speedway. What a setting.

  2. Incredible photos, Amy!


  3. I love the moon, too! I would have oohed and aahed right with you! Love this! Those are frame-worthy!


  4. Great photos. Go for 34 miles. You can do it! Then buy a road bike on your way home! :-)

  5. Ahem... guess I have been told.. And I laughed as I read it. Also loved the moon shots, especially the ones with the clouds.

    And I love you too!
    your mom

  6. I certainly found out a side of you that I didn't know to exist...such HUMOR!

    Brent Hastings

  7. Hi Daughter,

    I forgot to tell you yesterday, I made your moon shot my background on the computer when you sent it in email....yep talented daughter has done it again!!

  8. I forgot to mention something else. You brought up slang...or perhaps it could be called Hoosier talk...anyway (and you probably already know this). The original spelling of height was heighth and I am told that is also still the correct pronunciation is same a breath. It was on the radio today so I know it must be true. The person discussing it said it drove them crazy when we said height with emphasis on the "t".


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