Friday, November 14, 2008

Clouds Can Make All the Difference

Indiana War Memorial

Since earlier this week the nation celebrated Veteran's Day, I thought I'd post these photos before the week was up since it includes several photos of Indiana War Memorials. When I was in Indiana a while back, there was a US Navy reunion gathering at the War Memorial downtown. My dad was in the Navy and wanted to attend. So, I tagged along with him and his wife with my camera in tow.

The event was very nice. An Admiral was in attendance, shaking the hands of the veterans and current Navy personnel at the event, thanking them for their service. A small ensemble from a Naval base in Michigan performed, and there was an hoers d'oeuvres reception. As we sat at the reception, my dad was explaining all the Navy insignia on the uniforms to me. That was very interesting. I'm glad to know also that cities have places and events to honor the men and women who serve this country, not only on Veteran's Day, but throughout the year.

An added bonus to the event was that the clouds in the sky were full of character. Ominous, even. And, clouds like this create a superb backdrop for interesting photos. So, before and after the event, I snapped away.

Top of the War Memorial with the American Flag

Another shot of the Indiana War Memorial

The Indiana War Memorial sits on several acres of grounds that house a couple of museums, several monuments and a large park just north of the hub of downtown Indianapolis. The building in these photos was built after WWI. You can see the neoclassical style on the outside of the building. The interior shows hints of the period within which it was built more clearly. To see some photos of the interior, click here.

Indiana War Memorial, a little later, with downtown Indianapolis in the background.

Also nearby is the Scottish Rite Cathedral of Indianapolis, situated to the north and just west of the War Memorial, across Veteran's Memorial Plaza. Because of the Neo-Gothic architecture of the building situated against those clouds, and the fact that it was placed where the sun was going down behind it, these photos, in my opinion, are even more dramatic.

Main Tower of the Scottish Rite Cathedral rising above the trees
set against those beautiful clouds.

Another part of the war memorials in downtown Indianapolis is of course the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, or the Col. Eli Lilly monument to Civil War veterans. It is situated right in the center of the city, with a circle around it - called Monument Circle. Hence, one of the nicknames for Indianapolis, "Circle City". There's another circle the city is known for as well. Maybe better known. But, the monument is prettier. We didn't go around the circle this night. At Christmas, they create a large Christmas tree for the city out of the monument, a photo available here.

At the base of the obelisk in the middle of the park
shooting northwest towards the Cathedral.

But, back to the park we walked this night. You know, there are photo editing software tricks that can edit clouds into the sky of your photos. But, I don't think they look as amazing as the clouds this night. They were picture perfect!

Later in the evening, and with a strange spot glow on the Cathedral.

My dad and his wife thought so much of some of these photos that they've framed them and hung them in their home. What a compliment that is! They even took the time to frame a set for me, which I hope, one day, when I get organized and paint a few more walls, to hang in my home.

Another one of both structures - right as the sun was disappearing.

And, right at that same time from a slightly different distance.

Just a few moments later as night began to set in.

So, the next time the sky has an interesting set of clouds floating by, wait until just before dusk and take some photos - of anything - with that great background. You can't go wrong!

That's it for today. This weekend, S and I are again packed to the gills with activities, so I'll post about those next week. And, hopefully get back to a few photos I've been meaning to post for a while of the beautiful autumn trees, some cute Halloween outfits and other exciting topics I know you'll be waiting for baited breath to read all about. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend of your own, whatever you're up to!

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