Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Budding Photographers

Cora with my glasses on, this one taken by me with the camera phone.

When I've been in Indiana the past few times, my nephew Deacon has asked to use the camera on my phone to take photos. This time, he asked, and then so did his sisters. Here are some of their photos.

Since I started with Veda last time, I'll start with Cora this time. Cora, with her little hands, had a hard time holding on to the phone without getting a finger in front of the lens. This created a similar effect in most of her photos. Interesting artistic choice, I think:

Nana shuffling cards during a very competitive UNO game.

A glimpse of Deacon across the game table.

Aunt Amy and the lamp.

Steve, Cora's dad.

And, two of her sister. One.


Veda had the camera the least amount of time. She, with a few exceptions, had a steady hand.

Her sister, Cora.

Cora dealing UNO cards, with Nana's help.

A cheesy, non-make-up grin from Aunt Amy.

A very carefully crafted "self portrait."

And, well, an interesting close-up of her father.

Deacon started the whole photo thing, as I said above. He's played with the camera phone before, and seemed to have "direction" he was interested in capturing when he set out to photograph.

He started out with this duet of his sisters.

Then, before shooting, he told Cora to "look cute" in this photo.

Then he told her to "make a funny face." She complied.

He then tried to get a smile from this sister. She showed him.

But then later supplied a silly one while on Dad's lap.

Here, again, Deacon asked for the "silly faces" and got them.

Then, Deacon decided to go all artistic on us.

We'll call this one, "still life with pumpkin."

And this one, "getting to the sole of the matter."

He even worked to capture Nana's best side.
Of course, she doesn't have a bad side, and Deacon knows that too.

Anyway, as I sort through more photos, I thought you'd like to see the efforts of the budding photographers in the family. I thought they didn't do such a bad job with a sub-par instrument, for certain. And, they seemed to have lots of fun doing it.

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  1. I laughed at "getting to the sole of the matter"...and then I Kristin you're really a sucker for puns...this one was written and you're laughing like it was told live! It's getting out of control. lol.


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