Thursday, November 13, 2008

Soaking in the Morning Sun

A black and white treatment of one of the "sun" photos.

Some would say, and they'd probably be right, that I shower my dogs with more attention and affection than my cats. That is not to say that my cats don't get attention. They do, It's just that, well, dogs demand more of your attention, really. They prefer to be independent.

The other morning, though, I was able to capture some pretty sweet photos of the cats that I'd like to share with you here.

Norman checking out what I'm up to.

Checking both the left and the right for action.

Norman was up on a piece of furniture, enjoying the morning sun streaming through the window. I went to get my camera to take a few shots of him. He noticed all this commotion and turned around to see what was going on.

Lil' Bit, never far from Norman, was sitting on the floor near the window.
This might be the best photo I've ever taken of her.

It didn't take long for him to flip back around and go back to what he was doing.

Please pay no attention to the dirty window or the empty flower bed.
They are not part of today's post. Thank you.

From time to time, Norman would look left and right, taking in some big action like a runner or a biker, or someone walking their dog.

But, mostly, he was sitting there, soaking up the sun.
It does a body good.

Look at his reflection in the dirty window we're not noticing the dirt on.
His eyes are closed. He's sitting there in complete bliss.

And deep contemplation.

My guess is he's contemplating his next meal. He likes his meals.

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