Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fiddle-dee-dee, Miss Melly Turned 50

My friend Melanie - Miss Melly, the Honoree

This past weekend, I attended a very interesting birthday party. A friend and work colleague of mine, Melanie, was turning 50. She had a lifelong dream of having a "Gone with the Wind" party. So, her husband and best friend decided to throw her one. And, we went, in costume, as instructed. The invitation read:

"Miss Melly's Turning 50. Her Youth is Gone with the Wind."

Miss Melly and her husband, Norbert, one of our hosts.

In attendance were some of Melanie and her husband Norbert's family, several sets of friends from their child's school, the PTA, church, etc, and us, the work bunch. And, of course, her lifelong friend, Catherine, who helped plan this little soiree.

Miss Melly and her lifelong friend Catherine, our hostess.

I thought today it would be fun to make the photos all look old too. Tomorrow, I'll post some other photos of the event, in color, for those of you who want to see the dresses in color. Also, as you read this post, it helps to read it with an accent out of the deep south. It makes it more authentic. Try it.

Miss Karen, Miss Margaret, and me.

S was going to go with me. Until he learned that none of the other husbands were going from work. Suddenly, he needed to then stay home. So, I went with two other work friends, Miss Karen and Miss Margaret, and we went as the three wartime widows. There I am up there, making that face again - I think it's a smile, but it looks like I'm in pain. What's that about? I digress.

Mr. Mark and Ms. Brenda

Also in attendance from work were Mr. Mark and Ms. Brenda. Mr. Mark works with us. Ms. Brenda is his lovely wife. She was a good sport and came along. In my opinion, aside from Miss Melly's dress, she had one of the prettiest dresses at the ball. It was gorgeous.

Miss Karen posing for her photo.

The party was at an old house in Plano that is decorated for the period it was built. I actually think it is probably decorated more toward the Victorian era, but it worked. If you ignore the electric lamps, some of these photos could be old. But, they aren't. ;)

As people arrived, the hosts had arranged for a photographer to take our photos on a lovely settee. Then, we mingled with the guests and checked out each costume.

Most of the costumes came from one of two rental houses here in Dallas - Costume World and Norcostco. At a rental house, you end up with the dress that fits you, not necessarily your favorite color or style. All the dresses were pretty, though.

Miss Melly was enjoying her guests.

Getting around in all this fabric was a chore.
No wonder this fashion trend didn't last!

Some of the menfolk gathering to talk.

Miss Margaret and I, enjoying our surroundings.

After everyone had arrived and secured a libation, we headed upstairs to a large room where dinner was being served.

Preparing to be seated for dinner.

It was a delicious meal, fit for a person of the 1860's. After dinner, we headed back downstairs where cake and champagne were served and well wishes were given all around.

The cake-eating scene back downstairs.

Miss Melly and Miss Karen had a chance to visit.

Then, after cake, we went back upstairs, where they had cleared the tables to reveal a first rate dance floor. And, they supplied us with an instructor who taught us some dances from the era, like the Virginia Reel.

The group lined up to learn the steps.

In between reels, there was some waltzing going on.

Ms. Brenda and Mr. Mark working on their steps.

This dancing was really quite fun. The instructor was a little exasperated at first with our, how shall I put it - enthusiasm - but he stuck it out and we were all the better for it. There weren't enough men for the pair dancing, so Miss Karen and I paired up. I was the male. In that dress. One of the real males asked me if I could put a hat on or something, because he couldn't remember which one of us was the man. If I do say myself though, we made a lovely pair.

The men left at the end of the evening...

...and the women posed for a portrait.

Rhett and Scarlett - or Norbert and Melanie - which is it?

We ushered Miss Melly's youth out with the wind, and had a great time doing it. What an experience. Thanks, Melanie, for including me. It was a great treat. But, I don't think I'll take up hoop skirts as a regular item in my wardrobe any time soon. Tomorrow-more party photos - but in color.


  1. Help me out...WHO is the wonderful Miss Melly at the DSO?

    This is too funny. I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes, with my northern self.

    You also may be the most socially booked human I have ever known. It's scary and impressive.


  2. Hi Jessica -

    Miss Melly is our chorus librarian these days! She IS wonderful, and I was so glad to be invited.

    And, I'm thrilled to know someone thinks I am socially booked. Socially disturbed, now, that one is probably more true.



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