Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hoosier Weekend

Light coming through the trees at dusk - Brown County State Park, Indiana

I was in Indiana for an extended weekend last week to spend some time with my mom for her birthday. It was a nice visit - the weather was nice, we did some fun stuff, and I was able to see many of my relatives. (It's rare to see them all - they ALL live there, with few exceptions.)

Fall leaves are normally at their peak in Indiana between October 10-17, give or take. So, the fact that there were still leaves on the trees was a bonus, let alone that I happened to hit them near their peak. I have more photos of leaves than you could ever possibly imagine, and many are very good, as we visited the Brown County State Park at dusk, when the light gives off that special glow. Of course, looking at leaf photos, can be akin to - as S pointed out - looking at someones vacation photos from the grand canyon. But, I am going to bet that at least my Texas friends will enjoy a few views of the leaves as we rarely see them around these parts.

Close up of leaves in Brown County State Park

I will post more leaves later, but I'm still going through the massive index of photos I took last while up there. I wanted to get something up today - to feel like I was getting something accomplished in the endeavor to get through my photos - so here is just a peek into the "leaf files."

Brown County State Park is between Nashville and Bloomington, Indiana, basically, in the hills of southern Indiana. There are beautiful overlook vistas of the valleys. I'll share a couple of vista shots in another post.

Walking path to falls, McCormick's Creek State Park, Indiana

On Saturday, we went down to visit my dad, who was camping for the weekend at McCormick's Creek State Park, near Spencer. It was funny to me how different the trees and leaves looked here, at least in person, from the Brown County park, which really isn't that far away. The trees seemed more "dainty" and also had more yellow in the leaves. This was true even when you compared them at the exact same time of day.

Falls at McCormick's Creek State Park

My dad and I took this little walk just after prime light, which you can contrast with the Brown County photos - the McCormick photos are a little darker and not quite as vivid. It's the magic dawn or dusk lighting effect in action. I tend to capture more "dusk" lighting than "dawn" lighting in my photos. I rarely get up early enough to see dawn lighting very often in my so-called life.

The falls in the photo are so large in the spring and early summer that you can walk behind them in that little cove to the left in the photo. My dad said these were not very impressive falls at all compared to a different time in the year. An informational kiosk at the overlook explained they were created by glacial silt, and that, over time, the falls get shorter and shorter until they aren't falls at all, but just rapids. So, these falls, in addition to being their late fall (in Indiana) puny self, also used to be taller. The shale rock around the river bed added interest to this "fall leaves" photo, though.

Also, just as a photography note, the McCormick photos were taken with the Powershot as we just took a quick walk in the woods and I had that with me. The Brown County photos were taken with the Rebel XT. On the Rebel, I used several lenses - the 50mm, the 18-55mm, and also the telephoto.

Close up of leaves in Brown County State Park, taken with the telephoto lens.

I should also note that the close up photos of the leaves have not been digitally enhanced. They are, as they say, SOOC (straight out of the camera). The colors were that vivid and beautiful.

I've got more photos from my trip to post, if I can get through them. Some of Halloween, some at the campground, some more of the leaves, and some of things I can't even remember at this moment while I am writing this sentence, for certain.

I'm glad I was able to go up for a long weekend to visit my family. I'm also glad I got to experience some bit of a Midwestern autumn while I was there.

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  1. Well... knowing you took tons of tree and leaf pictures, to see only three of them was a bit dissappointing. I look forward to seeing more of them.


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