Monday, November 24, 2008

Deborah's Shower

Deborah at the shower.

Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower (with Stacy) for a good friend from grad school, Deborah. We held it at the scrumptious Chocolate Angel in Richardson. It's a girly place with yummy food. Those in attendance were the other girls from grad school, minus a few we missed seeing because they were out of town, starting the Thanksgiving holiday a little early.

The sign that greeted us outside the restaurant.

I was very honored to be able to give this shower, as this baby has been a long time coming. Deborah and John went through a lot trying to get pregnant, so I really think this little guy is a miracle! Not that all babies aren't all miracles, but this one is especially so. So, it was very important to honor his impending birth with a get together.

One of the tables in the girly room.

Cute chocolates Stacy had put on each table.

Stacy and Deborah

Stacy was a nurse before going back to grad school, and now still works in the medical industry. She's got a wicked sense of humor and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I was so glad to be hosting the shower with her, as it was so easy to coordinate everything with someone like her.

It was funny to watch Stacy try to NOT touch Deborah's stomach. I think, more than anyone else, this is difficult for nurses. I mean, Stacy knows Deborah, and Deborah gave permission for Stacy to touch the belly. But, Stacy was so worried about encroaching on her personal space. It was cute. Deborah did report that so far, she has had not too many complete strangers reach out and touch. That's a good thing, yes? Please, strangers, don't reach out and touch pregnant ladies. It's creepy. And weird. And not appreciated.

Deborah and Wilma

The biggest surprise of the shower were two special guests, Wilma and Lola. Wilma works for the FED and lives in New York. Lola works for GE and lives in Connecticut with her husband Bayo and their two beautiful little girls. They flew in to attend the shower. It had been ages since we got to visit in person, so this was a treat for Deborah and everyone else who came.

Lola and Deborah

As the other guests arrived, Deborah greeted them with her kind personality and warm hospitality.

Deborah works in the financial industry...a little bit of a Topsy Turvy place to be right now. But, she's so level headed and calm about all of it. That's good, I think, given the impending little one and all. And, really, this financial melee too shall pass, people. This too shall pass.

For the next several minutes, everyone gathered, catching up with old friends.

Deborah and Alexa

Lola and Cathy

Cathy is the friend who had the birthday party at the House of Blues - remember, the one where I mentioned we attended but took no photos of the guest of honor? Well, here she is. Always fun with an ebullient personality, it was nice she was able to attend.

Meg, Cathy, Stacy and Deborah

Deborah, Lola and Alexa

Stacy and Lola

Eventually, we got this active, talkative group to the tables to start the meal. It's just so rare we all get together, it was hard to stop visiting and move on to the next part of the luncheon!

Alexa, Lola, Deborah and Wilma

Meg, Cathy, Maria and Stacy

Maria Thereza, studying the menu.

There were lots of choices to make on what you wanted to eat. Of course, since I'd been to the Chocolate Angel before, my choice had to include a slice of the pretzel salad. It's one of God's most perfect foods. Three layers - pretzels that have been drizzled in butter then toasted, a cream cheese/whipped cream layer, and then a jello/strawberry layer. Sweet and salty combined to perfection.

Don't dis it until you've tried it. Once you try it, you'll choose your selections to carefully include this delicacy from now on. As I told the group there, you can trust a fat girl when she tells you something is good. Fat girls know good food. :) Here's Paula Deen's version. And, here's a version with a photo. Go make it. Take to Thanksgiving. You'll be a hit.

Stacy kept her table entertained.

Of course, even after we sat down, the visiting continued.

Cathy, Maria and Meg

Then, after we ordered, while we waited for the food, Deborah opened presents.

The loot pile.

She received lots of useful stuff, endorsed by the moms in the room, and some sweet little boy outfits as well. It was a nice variety of gifts that I think she and Baby Boy will enjoy having.

Then came the food. It's a girly place, but these weren't girly portions - they were filling plates of delicious food. We cleaned those plates right up.

And, headed for dessert.

And continued to visit.

Party favors.

Stacy prepared the party favors. Since we were at a tea room, they contained, well, tea, of course. And, some chocolates. Because chocolate can be included in any gift. Any time. Anywhere. For any purpose.

The whole group.
L-R Back Row: Wilma, Lola, Stacy, Cathy, Alexa, Meg, Me
L-R Front Row: Maria, Deborah, Maria Thereza

I apparently didn't get the "dark tops only" memo. I'm a little fashion backwards, so this is understandable. The good thing is, good friends don't seem to mind.

A good time was had by all, I think. Thanks, Deborah, for letting us shower you and your little boy. We can't wait to meet him very soon.

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