Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blues Birthday and More

We had a couple of interesting events this past weekend. I didn't remember to take anything but the camera phone, though. That camera phone comes in handy, but doesn't take the crispest photos. But, here are two. Friday night, a good friend of mine had a birthday party at the Foundation Room at the House of Blues here in Dallas. We were honored to be invited. The Foundation Room is a member's only area of the venue, so we'll probably never be back! It was nice to see friends we don't see every day and to catch up. It was too dark in there to shoot any photos without a flash, which the ol' camera phone is lacking, so all I have is this shot of the outside of the building, shot while waiting on the valet:

Saturday was filled with errands and doctor appointments and visiting with friends and relatives. We got to visit with S's grandmother and then we had dinner with our great friends and old next door neighbors. No photos of either. After dinner, we stopped by S's brother's house, and here he is being painstakingly careful with his niece. No, seriously, she loves to hang upside down - no children were harmed in the taking of this photo. Please don't worry.

Today we had lunch with some other dear friends - no photos of that - did some shopping - again, no photo, and then of course stopped everything to watch the Cowboys home opener. The won. Go Cowboys. Woo-hoo. No photos of us sitting in front of the TV. Whew on that one.

If I'm going to get around posting items in a timely way, I'm going to have to carry my camera around a little more. I mean, once I get all the old stuff posted, you're going to get really sick of camera shots. Maybe that'll be the end of this little blog. Who knows.

Now, back to the daily grind. Monday cometh.

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