Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chicago in the Rain

In May of 2006 we went to Chicago for a weekend just to get away. While the weekends before and after we went were lovely spring weather, the weekend we ended up there was more like mid-March. And very soggy. But, we didn't let that stop us from seeing the sights. The photos in this post were all taken with the Rebel XT using the lens that comes with the camera.

We stayed at the House of Blues hotel because we got a great rate for a downtown hotel. The decor was colorful and eclectic. Photo below of the main part of the room.

S had never been to Chicago so I took him some of the places I had been - Navy Pier, the museums and aquarium, where the symphony plays, on the Magnificent Mile, etc. But, we both had never been to Millennium Park, since it was built since I had been to Chicago as well. Below is the area where there are two walls that display different faces continuously - I am sure there is a name for it but I've forgotten. This little boy staring at the water with his galoshes on got my attention:

Also in Millennium Park is this giant silver bean. It made for some great photos - here is the outside of the bean.

Below is a self portrait of S and me in the side of the bean. I think, certainly, it made us look wider than we are...it is an optical illusion, yes?

And, then, my favorite photo of the trip - under the bean, shooting upwards. Isn't that fun? You can see me in the photo several times if you look closely, most notable at the bottom center, with my rain jacket on, holding the camera.

And, below, a rainy shot of the amphitheater where Oprah taped her season opener with all the Olympians, on air Sept. 8.

And, on one of the walkways, S standing in front of part of the city skyline. It was a nice weekend.

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