Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two by Two

I was thinking of posting some photos of the four-legged furry inhabitants of my home. As I was formulating my thoughts for the post and gathering the photos, I realized I live in a land of TWOS. I live in a house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living areas, two fireplaces, two ovens, and a two car garage. In that house live two people, two cats and two dogs. Following are some images of my pets, often the subjects of my photos.

First, there's Norman. I got Norman when I lived in Austin. I wanted a cat and ended up with two of the cutest kittens in the world, of course. S named Norman after Norm Abram of the New Yankee Workshop. And, the other kitten went through several names, some of which were girl names since the pet shop said he was a girl and we thought he was until we took him to the vet. He ended up being a medium-hair gray furball named Noah, mainly because he had this little goatee of a beard under his chin. Noah got sick a few years ago and he's gone on to the great cat house in the sky. But, wiley, opinionated Norman is still with us. Here is a photo of him:

He's an old man now, and enjoys hanging out near the windows of our house. He also regularly greets you at the door and inspects any package you might have brought in. And, he has this really funny meow that he does that, no kidding, sounds like he's saying, "Hello?". Lots of people have heard it and it's definitely a HELLO. Here are a couple more shots of Mr. Norman:

He's very fond of food, as you can see. He also loves to get attention - a little rub under the chin or the belly. But, he's NOT a lap cat. He doesn't want you to pick him up to pet him or carry him anywhere. I can count on one hand the number of times he's decided to come sit in my lap. Now, come sit nearby, well he does that all the time.

Then, we have another cat that lives here in our house. She's not so much a pet but an animal that lives here and we feed her. When we were selling our last home, the home inspector for the buyer found a litter of feral kittens under the house. I, being the crazy animal lover that I am, thought I could domesticate them and find them all homes. I am not sure how well I did on the domesticating part, but I did find them all homes, except this one. She never left. When we had all the kittens, we gave them little nicknames. Hers was, "Lil' Bit". So, that's her name, I guess. That's what the vet calls her.

She has other names, though, here in this house. She's often just called, "Kitty". S calls her, "Lil' S**t". And, a wonderful house sitter we had recently decided to name her, "Penelope". He felt they came to great world understanding and had general simpatico, often meeting at night for long talks. And, that was the name he felt she should have. She doesn't really come to any name or respond to anything you say to her. She does what she pleases to do. She's still half wild, running off when anyone chooses to come near. But, she lives here, and she does give Norman some company now that Noah is gone. Here are the only two photos I can find in my stash of her:

We also have two dogs. Ellie and Echo. Since I have way more photos of them, I put that in a separate post.

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  1. You still have the wild cat? I remember you trying to find homes for all of them. Didn't someone take a couple and then bring them back to you? Or did I make that up? It has been a while and having "kittens" has zapped my brain.


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