Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ellie is our oldest dog. We got her from the SPCA in December of 1999 when she was very small. She is mostly an Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler, but she is more white than their characteristic color. She was actually smaller than Norman and Noah at the time we brought her home. Norman takes advantage of this all the time, rubbing up against her and generally tormenting her. And, she just stands there and takes it. She knows he's the boss. He was here first.

Ellie is spastic, high strung and too smart for her own good. We once counted a vocabulary of 30 words she knew. She is also sweet and loves to follow the rules. And, she can catch a mean frisbee. We took the dogs with us to have a family portrait done in February of 2007. I am not posting those here, since I didn't take them. But, since Ellie likes to do what she's told, she poses quite regularly for me. Here are some more photos of her. The first one shows her lip all scrunched up on photo left, her right. She regularly gets that lip caught in her teeth, which makes for a cute look. By the way, all photos were taken with the Rebel (I think - a couple are older photos that I didn't catalog in a way I could tell) except the last two in the post, with varying lenses. Maybe one day I'll talk about the lenses I like. I am sure that will be riveting reading. The last two photos were taken with my camera phone.

Ellie, as you can see, is usually very serious - she wants to know what's up, what's going on and what's expected of her at all times. She also doesn't like it when you take off her collar, prominently askew in the photo below. This makes her very nervous.

I love this next photo - I took it last December. The Christmas tree is just out of the photo on the left. I like how the light is filtering through the front window and how Ellie, once again, is perfectly sitting there, waiting for me to take the shot.

Here's another one on the wood floors, taken a few years earlier, in black and white. Ellie looks good in black and white, of course, since she's, well, black and white.

Here are a couple of Ellie in the back yard last fall. The second one shows her enthusiasm for that crazy ball she has in her mouth - she is decidedly less serious in that photo.

And, last but not least, here are a couple of photos of Ellie on what she thinks is her dog bed - our overstuffed leather chair in the den. We tried for a long time to keep her out of it and off of it. We'd chase her out, tell her no, redirect her, etc. But, then, we realized she was waiting until we were asleep at night and climbing into the chair. So, we gave up. We're weak and give in easily, it's true. And we're suckers for our dogs. Also, the chair is leather, after all, so it's pretty easy to wipe down. The next photo shows her sitting on the ottoman. She'd be in the chair, but because S is occupying the actual chair, his knees making the photo, she's on the only patch of leather still available.

And, then, there's this - Ellie in her natural state - in her leather "dog bed" and with her little paws in the air. She sleeps like this regularly. It took me forever to actually get the photo, though, because since she poses for me when I get the camera out, she'd see me coming and upright herself before I could take the photo. I got this one when my camera phone was with me and I was sitting on the couch. She's so modest, yes? She just loves that chair.

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  1. That's one fancy dog bed! How nice that she poses for you. Surely if a dog can do it, children can sit still. Or not.


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