Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A few of my co-workers have the same camera phone as I have. It has become a fun custom to send random shots of our current activities back and forth to one another as the occur. One type of shot that has become the norm is the "what I'm eating now" shot.

We haven't had a post with cruddy, grainy phone photos in a while, so here we go.

A taco and tamale platter with pomegranate margarita at the Red Hen Cantina, April 2008

A white sangria cocktail I made at home at the start of summer. Mmmmmm. (Editor's note: the link does not take you to the exact recipe I used. The exact recipe I used is no longer available online, however the link is very close to the one I used, except that my recipe called for me to garnish with raspberries and fresh mint.)

A fabulous entree at Bistro Don Giovanni in April 2008 - it was pasta with Gorgonzola cream sauce and toasted walnuts. I liked this restaurant so much I brought friends when I was back in the area in July.

Butter lettuce and peach salad, Bistro Don Giovanni, July 2008.

Then, recently, during Dallas KERA Restaurant Week, benefiting the North Texas Food Bank, a group of friends dined at the Landmark at the Melrose to celebrate a big birthday for one of the group. One of our phone photo taking buddies was out of town and unable to attend, so we took photos of every entree for him:



Three...what I had...

And, after finishing choice #3.

Then came dessert, complete with a candle for the birthday girl and champagne for the table, compliments of the restaurant.

Taking a photo after the food is gone has become sort of a theme...

Cold Berry Soup was in that bowl at the Red Geranium Restuarant in New Harmony, IN, August 2008. It was good. So was the beer.

Tasty coffee gone, Circle Grill, Dallas, March 2008.

I'm sure there are many more meals to come via the camera phone. Lucky you.

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