Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinner with Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim and S

Monday night, we had a special treat to have dinner with one of my relatives. Of course, we have dinner with S's relatives all the time. They all live here and we see them regularly. But, since my family lives a bit further away, getting to visit with one of them is very special.

My Uncle Jim - my dad's younger brother - was in town on business. He was staying in Grapevine, so S and I headed out that way to visit with him. We had some barbecue and caught up on what he was doing in town, how his family is, where he's traveling next, what sort of gigs his band is doing, and much more. It was really nice he took time out of his work schedule to visit with us. It was also nice to visit with him one on one. When we go to Indiana, there are so many people to see, we rarely get around to everyone we want to see and then even when we do, there is rarely time to just visit one on one and really catch up.

Thanks, Uncle Jim, for dinner, and for sharing your evening with us!

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