Friday, September 19, 2008


I know I recently did that entire tree post. But, in May of this year, I took several photos of the dogwood tree in front of my mother's house. So, I decided I'd post those separately. I might do another post on Muir Woods as well. I've got tons of cool photos from there, and not all of the trees. I know - some of you are thinking - maybe the pet posts weren't that bad...on to this tree:

Dogwood in my mother's front yard in Indiana, May 2008.

Dogwoods have always been a favorite tree of mine. They are slow growth trees and so beautiful in the spring of the year. I was very excited, when we moved to this house, that we had a dogwood tree in the yard.

Our dogwood tree, late spring 2008.

Of course, in Texas the blooms on the dogwoods come in March. Our dogwood is a white flowering tree, and by the size of it, somewhere between 30-50 years old. Our dogwood does not like how hot it gets here in the summer here. I don't know if this is an issue its always had or its just an issue now that its a very old tree. No matter how much we water it, its leaves turn brown before the summer is up. Every year, I think we've certainly lost that tree. But, so far, every year it comes back in bloom. I realized as I was trying to write this post that I don't have any photos of the tree in bloom. If it makes it back for another spring, I'll definitely get some photos of my dogwood in bloom.

The house I grew up in also had a dogwood tree that we planted in the north side yard. I remember posing next to it at Easter, before prom, etc. It was a nice backdrop, I guess.

Now, back to my mother's current dogwood. By the time I was there on Mother's Day weekend in May, she said its flowers were starting to decline. I still thought the blooms were very nice. Let's drill down and see a little more of this tree, shall we?

I mean, I guess I can see the blooms curling up a bit on the edges. But, they are still beautiful to me.

Thanks, Mom, for sharing your dogwood with me.

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