Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

First, an administrative note. I am going to try something a little different, starting with this post. I am going to place comments about each photo under said photo instead of above it. We'll see how it goes.

Now, on to the post. Friday I walked a few blocks from my office to meet some friends for lunch. I arrived at the designated location a little early, so I snapped some photos of this beautiful fall day in Dallas.

This was the day right before Ike was supposed to wreak havoc on the city. Now, Ike did wreak havoc and my prayers are with those on the gulf coast, but he spared my fair city, traveling further east. All we had here were some showers and light winds. But, when I took these photos, I sort of had the idea that the next day, if Ike came right at us, some of these tress could be gone or roof tiles missing, etc. But, if I were to go out there right now, beside the sky color, I am pretty sure it would look the same.

The Cathedral Guadalupe from the side

This church is a magnificent treasure to downtown Dallas, and has been recently undergoing some renovation. On my way back from lunch I took some more photos of this building that I'll post at another time.

The Belo Mansion, across the street from the Cathedral

Chase Tower and plaza obstructed by a large truck

Some green Saint Augustine grass that I found next to the sidewalk.

Green grass - either its well watered or the temperatures have begun to fall!

Then, the clock struck 12 noon and the bells at the Cathedral began to ring. I took a short video to share with you here - if it works - this is my first try at shooting and posting a video.

You'll notice that when you tilt the camera in the "portrait" direction, the cathedral appears on its side. Rest assured, the cathedral did not fall to its side. The earth did not come off its axis at the sound of the bells. I just learned something about my little video camera, or at least about the videos as they are loaded on Blogger.

There are the sounds of the bells, as well as the wind as I zoom in to the bells I could see moving but you cannot see in the video, as the cathedral is on its side. There are also some faint city noises of traffic and people in the background. I bet, with that stirring lead-in, you'll be sure to click fast.

Cathedral Bells at Noon

And, then, one of my friends arrived. There she is crossing the street in her chic urban Dallas black outfit.

I love fall. My favorite colors are associated with the season, the temperatures begin to be tolerable again and of course, there's football to watch. Often, Dallas doesn't get much of a fall. But, after the summer we had, I think we deserve one this year! We've had some nice days, but I don't think summer is quite done with us yet. We'll see.

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