Saturday, September 27, 2008

A "Professional" Gig

My good friend, Errika, used to work with me at my place of employment. But, now she works at the Dallas Black Dance Theater. My good friend Errika also has this crazy idea that I know what I'm doing when I'm taking photos. And, I'm pretty sure my good friend Errika didn't have money in her budget for this event to hire a real photographer. I mean, let's get real - those of us who work for non-profits know the drill.

So, her new job had an awards event the other night and she asked me to take the photos. After telling her NO about a thousand times and why this was really a bad idea she was still calling me asking me to do it. So, since I could find no other excuse to give her, I told her I would do it, but really, she'd get what she paid for...

The event was Tuesday night. It was to thank their donors at high levels for their support. It was held in their newly renovated space, the old Moreland YMCA.

When guests arrived, they signed in and were offered a glass of wine.

Then, they were served a nice spread in their function room.
People were having a really nice time.

After a bit of time, everyone was invited upstairs to the main studio for a dance presentation and the awards presentations.

Here is another shot of the dance presentation with a little bit of an action blur.

There's no real reason to show you the individual "award" photos - since they are pretty much three people and an award, and more meaningful to the people in them. But, more or less, they did come out OK. But, I am sure a REAL pro would have done it differently. That said, it was fun to take in the event and have an opportunity to take the shots. So, thanks Errika...but don't get any ideas!

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  1. Dear Friend Amy -

    You did a fantastic job, no matter what you want to lead people to think. The photographs came out perfectly and they have already requested copies of their individual shots. You are good, whether you want to admit it or not. The photographs speak for themselves.


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