Thursday, September 11, 2008

One More Dog Post

For those of you who aren't animal lovers, I am sure all the animal posts been even more like, "Blah Blah Blah" than my normal posts. I promise I won't post about animals all day every day. But, I want to do one more of some of my photos of the dogs together. Then, I'll drop the animal photos for a while. So, here we go. Since I did outdoor photos near the end on the last two posts, how about outdoor first here. The first two were last spring, the third last fall:

Next, a photo on each of the beds in the house:

And, finally, a shot of the girls with their hoodies on. We bought these little jackets for them one year when we took them to Indiana with us in December. Since they weren't used to the very cold Midwest, we reasoned this might make them feel more comfortable. What it did was further ensure to all my family members that we are just a little off. The funny thing is, years later, my younger brother's oldest daughter asked if I had any photos of my dogs in their jackets. I didn't. But, I summarily got the jackets out and put them on to take a photo for her. Here is one of the two of them, a fitting way to end the string of animal posts. And, I think, for those of you keeping the score - 3 for bad animal parenting, zero for the good:

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