Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, it's good to go ahead a get a post in here right in the first month of the blog that proves this blog's title. I am indeed ate up. My brain is addled. It doesn't always work properly. It takes vacations from logic. And, on that rodeo post, it did just that. There was one of those photos not like the others. Did you catch it? Maybe the fact that I couldn't identify what was going on in the photo could have given me a clue. Somehow in my downloading of photos, one photo I took at the Indiana State Fair slipped into the Mesquite Rodeo pile. Yes, there is a dirt floor. Yes, there are horses in the photo. But, upon not-so-careful examination, you can see that the photo below was taken in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ARENA than all the rest.

This arena has blue seats and a huge American flag at the end. And, it's overall larger than the other arena - the Resistol Arena in Mesquite, TX - that is because THIS ARENA is an impostor. It is the Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. And, this is not what happens before a rodeo. It's some sort of judged competition at the Indiana State Fair. Below is a photo of what happens if you get to the rodeo really early. The Rockwall Sheriff Deputies and other various and sundry characters ride their horses around. This comes, of course, before the Rodeo Zamboni. At the Resistol Arena.

I didn't want to leave those of you planning to arrive early for the rodeo hanging. The photo that can inform you of the festivities has now been included. So, sorry about that little snafu. I have to say though, once my lovely mom, who happened to be at the fair with me the day I took that photo of the horse competition, pointed out my error, I laughed out loud at my desk uncontrollably several times the rest of the day.

But, while we're on the topic of the Indiana State Fair, and in deference to posting semi-grainy camera phone shots in yet another post, here are some other photos I snapped while at the great Indiana State Fair. And, I really do think its great. No kidding - I love it. First came the piglets having a little snack:

Now, of course, right outside the swine building there is a huge tent selling sausage. This just isn't right. They do this at the Texas State Fair too - right there as part of the building is an Owens Sausage kitchen. I would think the swine would get wind of this and protest. Or feel a little uneasy at the very least.

We walked around a lot. We ate, saw the midway, the women's building (where photos are prohibited so you can't rip off someone else's project) the manufacturer's building, pioneer village, etc etc. We eventually made it to the poultry barn which also houses rabbits. They had some very small baby birds of different varieties. Here are Japanese quail. Good thing I got that sign in the shot:

And here are just hatched turkeys. One of my co-workers wanted to know if they would be ready by Thanksgiving. Grow, little birdie, grow!

Here's a lovely hen specimen:

And a couple of bunnies:

And, last but not least, a photo of a good friend I made while there. She's no nonsense. She gets it done. She takes no prisoners. Well, when she isn't a prisoner in that little cage. Here she is:

One last photo at the fair - this is one my mom took. She insisted on taking my photo in front of the covered bridge. So, here you have me in front of the covered bridge:

It was lovely weather and a nice day at the fair. Not to be confused, of course, with the Mesquite Rodeo.

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