Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Conversation

Some good friends of mine got married in June. I'll probably do a couple of posts on those festivities and the photos I took. However, some of my favorite photos were those found in this post that captured a conversation between the bride's grandmother and her son-in-law.

This is grandma.

The photos were taken at my friends' rehearsal dinner which was held at this tasty barbecue restaurant near where they live. It was a great place for me to catch candid photos, since most of the people there didn't know who I was and weren't paying attention to me.

So, here we go.

Grandma's son-in-law (S-i-L) was showing her photos of his grandchild. This is really a fairly irrelevant bit of information, to me. But, for those of you dying to know, now you know. What is interesting in the photos is all the unspoken information therein - you can tell these people have a mutual respect for one another.

I think you can tell they've know one another for a good period of time. You can tell grandma really likes talking to her S-i-L. And the S-i-L likes showing off the photos to grandma. I imagine he's saying, "My grandchild is so sweet, and I love him so much. I feel so lucky to be a grandparent. But, you know, the best part about being a grandparent is you can play with them and love on them and then give them back to their parents whenever you want to and go take a nap." She concurs.

Here, grandma shows us she's an intent listener. I bet she loves listening to her relatives and learning about what makes them tick, what they think, and how they are. Listening is a skill that is hard to come by for most folks. But, one of the best things you can do for a friend. And, one of the best skills to use in the workplace. I often think - if I shut my yammer trap more often and just listened I would be so much better off. Grandma learned this a long time ago!

And, when she listens, she really appreciates learning something new about ol' S-i-L. She's thinking, "He's turned out to not be such a bad SOB after all." Or, something like that.

I love catching photos like these. They are real and honest and not superficial. But, its sometimes hard to capture these moments with the camera. People get self conscious when a camera is around and try to create their version of the photos they'd like taken of them.

Even Grandma got wise to my camera's ways. She caught me. That was the end of it. Darn. But, thanks for letting me catch you in the moment. I loved it.

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