Monday, September 22, 2008

A Special Anniversary

John, Jennifer and baby Jack

One of S's oldest and dearest friends, John, celebrated a very important anniversary at the end of last week. One year ago last Friday, he received a double lung transplant. He has cystic fibrosis and had been waiting on the transplant list for what seemed like a very long time for a new set of lungs.

S and John became friends back in the 2nd grade. They both liked the same girl - Sara - and used to race to her house after school trying to beat the other one there. Where is Sara now I wonder... anyway I digress - they were in band in high school together, were in each others weddings and have shared many memories together. Since he's been married, we've enjoyed spending time with him and Jennifer as couples and with their little guy since he came around.

Before the new lungs, John had to go in and out of the hospital for treatment, was on oxygen and really couldn't breathe. After the lung transplant, he is finally able to go back to living a "normal" life.

John and his whole family are some of the nicest, most genuine people you'll ever meet. So, we, along with lots and lots of other people, prayed a long time for those lungs to come his way. And, finally, about a year ago, they did. Since that time, he's regained his strength and recently found a new career to go with his new lease on life.

Saturday night, John and Jennifer had some family and friends get together to celebrate this milestone. What a wonderful gathering it was to celebrate with such good friends in their even better fortune. If John were writing this, he would tell you to please keep his donor's family in your prayers for all they may have experienced in this past year as well.

John's mom, good friend, JB's wife, and sister

S with JB...

...and his son

Grandpa showing off his new gadget to the grand kids

Catching up with more friends

Jack, taking in a few steps and admiring the greenery

John on the right taking in some cousin conversation

Jennifer and John's aunt, catching up

The whole crew together

Thank you for including us on your special day, and to you and your family for being such special friends. Here's to so many more anniversaries just like this one!

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