Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memorization can be tricky

When I was in Indiana last weekend, we had lunch on Sunday with my brother Steve and his three children. They were preparing to go to their weekly AWANA meeting. This is something new their church is doing, and they are all participating. They told me it is sort of like Christian scouting.

Each of the kids, as part of this preparation, tried to memorize a Bible verse that they would then recite for some sort of merit at the meeting. Each of them, because they are all different ages and levels, had a different verse to learn. And, each of them took some time to do so.

But, Deacon had a harder time of it. Perhaps because he wasn't paying attention at the get-go. But, the conversation that ensued between him and his father in order to learn this verse was priceless.

As you know, I love to catch good conversations with the camera. The photos say so much. So, I snapped away as Deacon twisted and thought.

The verse was, "Christ died for our sins, according to the scriptures." It's in I Corinthians 15:3. I didn't have to look this up. After hearing it so many times last Sunday, I've got it memorized. Now, ask me what the girls' verses were - no clue.

Except that Cora's was in Luke - she recited the verse for me and I said, "Now, where is that in the Bible?" because she had left off saying the "Luke" part, and 4 year old Cora said, "In the middle." Fair enough.

So, Deacon had a few issues with this verse. First, "according" was a new word. He got that pretty quickly. Second, using the term, "Christ" instead of Jesus was problematic.

Then there was this issue of the verb. He kept leaving out the verb. He'd say, "Christ for our sins." His father found this part rather exasperating. "He did WHAT for our sins? Had a party, ate a sandwich, what? You don't say, 'Daddy on the couch.' You say 'Daddy SAT on the couch.' Where's the VERB Deacon???"

Then, there was the whole issue of saying, "Corinthians." You might remember from my interview with him that the sound the letter "r" makes is not his thing. So, saying that long word with an R and a TH in it was tough.

He got it though, finally. He worked on it for a while, stood there and paid attention and finally got it.

He's a sharp cookie, when he wants to be. Now, as to what transpired at the meeting, and whether he received whatever it is they receive for actually reciting a memorized verse - I don't know. But, in the living room at my mom's house, he got it. We all cheered.

Either way though, he's a cutie, isn't he?


  1. Priceless... your way with words and the precious pics.

  2. I too enjoy watching the kids and how they react to so many different things. Steve is always good at bringing out the humor from both sides of the conversation. Watching them grow is truly a blessing.

    Dad (Grandpa)


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