Monday, November 3, 2008

Cathedral Guadalupe

On the heels of Dia de Los Muertos, and in anticipation of All Saints Day in many Christian denominations, I thought it fitting to go ahead and get a post up about Dallas' downtown Cathedral.

The Cathedral Guadalupe was designed by Victorian architect Nicholas J. Clayton and dedicated in 1902. That makes it an old building in Dallas, for sure.

Cornerstone, dedicated a few years earlier.

As I mentioned previously, the building sits in the Dallas Arts District and has been undergoing some recent renovation, including the completion of the bell tower.

The main entrance to the sanctuary has undergone extensive renovation as well.
I didn't take photos inside, since people were in there praying when I was ambling by,
and I didn't want to disturb them.

Surely there are plans to fill that niche up there.

You know, when we go to other countries, we never miss going to the great cathedrals in each city. We need to make sure we're preserving our own history right here and taking care of our cathedral. In my opinion, it's more than a Catholic building - it should be a symbol of importance and history for the city as a whole.

The figure above the main entrance is of Jesus.

For its part, the Cathedral works to be an integral figure in the Arts District and downtown area. It holds outdoor festivals, offers its classrooms to outside groups during the week, and tries to be a good citizen of its community.

You have to get pretty far back to get the whole church face in, with the tower on the left.

From the northwest rear corner of the building.

On the northeast rear of the building, in order to have more of a presence in the Arts District, the church added a contemplation garden. It has WI-FI to help with your contemplation.

From a door on the west side, you can see a peek of the interior.
I like how you can only see a peek.

You can see where more work is needed here on the west side.

How much you can get in the viewfinder from directly across the street.

A slightly off-kilter view of the bell tower.

One of the restored windows,
surrounded on the outside by stonework still waiting to be restored.

Needs restoration and restored window side by side.

Bell tower from the west side.

I love this photo - first, the window is exquisite.
Second, a pigeon was helping Jesus bless on the day this photo was taken.

Another attempt to get the whole church face in the shot.

I then decided the trees, even without the top of the tower, helped make an artistic portrait.

One can see the tower from blocks away, even in a downtown landscape.

Another angle of the front face.

Close up of the detail over the main door.

Looking up at the bell tower from the front.

If you live in Dallas, I encourage you to explore the local architecture in your neighborhood. What's old? What's new? What's new and meant to look old? What should be preserved for future generations?

That pigeon, still lounging on the son of God's head.

I am going to try to post more about Dallas architectural landmarks here on the blog. It is the city I'm in, so I want to show it off. And, it gives me something interesting to photograph, which of course I love.

A pleasant view of the front entrance, with pigeon, of course.

One more of the front entrance.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the outside of the Cathedral and were perhaps moved to go investigate architecture in your neighborhood. And, a little in advance, Happy All Saints Day!

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