Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Cora, 14 months in this photo, the cutest Halloween gingerbread cookie.

As you read this, I am in Indiana, mostly to visit with my mom and help celebrate her 60th birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago. But, as an added bonus, I am sure I'll get to see at least some of my nieces and nephews and other relatives in Halloween regalia. We learned last week what Veda, Deacon and Cora would be wearing. I'll post photos next week with an update to what actually transpired.

Today, however, in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd post some photos from Halloweens past to get us in the spirit. Most of these photos were taken by someone else and forwarded to me. Which I love. If there is any doubt, please know I LOVE getting photos from other people. Send them along. Show me what you're up to. It's great fun and a wonderful way for us to stay in touch. And, maybe, just maybe, you'll see them here. Years later.

Each year, in preparation for Halloween, these kids visit the pumpkin patch.
Proof of this visit from a couple of years ago.

My brother Steve's family pumpkins from a couple of years ago,
the fruits (no pun intended) of the pumpkin patch visit.

When we were kids, Halloween outfits you could buy were not very fancy. They consisted of a plastic "apron" with some sort of decoration on it and a plastic mask that was sure to asphyxiate you before the night was over. In our house, when we got to be a little bit older, it was our job to "use our imagination" to come up with costumes using things in the house. This is something S thinks is hilarious. Apparently they didn't have to do this - apparently in Big D, mothers made costumes or purchased lavish outfits for their children. Don't worry - Big D is still keeping up that tradition of over the top parenting. But, that's for another post. Anyway, we were usually hobos or clowns or something like that. We'd paint up our faces and move on.

The year Cora was the Gingerbread cookie, Deacon was Thomas and Veda was Belle.

Now, if you live in Dallas, you are probably thinking - man that gingerbread outfit is cute, but my child would die of heat exhaustion in that outfit. Yeah, in Indiana, they can wear the cute, furry costumes, no problem, by Halloween, without passing out from the heat. Passing out from sugar overload - now that's another story.

My cousin Robin and her family go to the same church as the whippersnappers in that last photo. So, that year, they sent me this photo as well - the cutest Yoda ever. This Halloween, Robin could very well be giving birth to Gabe's little brother or sister. Or, he/she could already be here by the time you're reading this - it's an any day sort of thing. I hope to capture some newborn photos to post next week while I'm in Indy.

Gabe as Yoda, with his mom, my cousin Robin.

The other thing we did when we were kids - when you could still, no problem, no worries, go door to door in your neighborhood to every house and get safe candy from non-psychopaths for the most part - my dad would move our record player to the garage, just inside the garage door - which faced the front of our house - and we'd play this record that had scary Halloween sounds on it. I still have that record. It's a hoot. I love it.

The year after that picture above of the three kids, they were a different cast of characters the next year:

Veda was a cat or a leopard or something.
Forgive me for not knowing my Halloween costume feline varieties.

Deacon was a football player. With a helmet that almost fit.

And Cora was a Huffalump - an outfit that had to be seen from the front and the back.

In 2007, the kids practiced Halloween before the big day - their mom, Terri shared this one with me:

Talk about collecting your costume from around the house...

But, on Halloween last year, they were:

A snow princess, a cat, and Spiderman.

Yes, I will just call that cat outfit a cat and be done with it.

Now, as a special sneak peak into what this year's costuming will bring...

Veda as a witch.

Veda told us she'd be a witch this year...she was already practicing the act before this year's holiday to attend a party last week. Her mom did a witchy good job, didn't she?

In looking through my photo files, I also found these photos, also taken a few years back. These are of my college roommate, Cathy's firstborn, Marion, on Halloween. I'm pretty sure Marion is in school now, so this was at least three years ago, if not four.

Marion the clown.

Marion and her mom, my good friend Cathy.

What Marion thought of that hat.

Last year, we had the great privilege of going Trick or Treating with our old next door neighbors. At the time, they were our next door neighbors, but not anymore. They moved since last Halloween. Thus, the moniker - old next door neighbors. And good friends, of course, then and now. We just don't see them as often as we used to!

Sadie the bee and Sophie the witch - and Norman the cat.

Sophie and Sadie's dad, Mike, was out of town for the festivities last year, so we got to fill in, sort of. It was fun.

Sophie got right down to business. With her designer Halloween bag in tow.

After a visit to an alien residence. Sadie jumped right in to eat the candy.

Sadie showed us her "goods" each time - proudly displaying the candy loot.

Hers was another one of those outfits you just had to see from the front and the back.

This year, I'm sure S will sit in the dark like a scrooge and try to miss the revelers all together, since I'll be away. Bah Humbug works here too, I think.

I have no photos of my grown up friends in costume. No one sends me those photos. Maybe it's because they just aren't as cute. Whatever you're up to for the Halloween holiday, make it a safe one, scare away the ghouls and goblins and don't eat all the candy at once! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for including Gabe in the Halloween blog. He was very cute as Yoda! No baby as of yet, sure hope it comes while you're in town. That would be exciting! Gabe's going to be cookie monster tonight.


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