Thursday, October 2, 2008

Herding Cats

Have you heard that saying before? Me too. But, I didn't really get the phrase until I went to my friend Errika's house this past Sunday to try to photograph her daughter Sydney (21 months), her neighbor Alyssa (23 months) and her god-daugther Madison (3 years) all at once. There, the phrase came to life like never before. In another post, I'll show you some of the sweet individual photos I caught. But, here I'll showcase a few photo montages that must be viewed as a set to be fully appreciated. And, to really give you a definition of what cat herding is all about.

The first set of shots we tried were in Errika's living room in front of the fireplace. Watch the action - or the lack of the action stopping - or the fact that no one shot shows all three sweetly smiling and facing forward. They are sweet and special in their own way, but, well - just look:

Sydney, Alyssa, Madison

After trying indoors, we headed out in front of the house. Here's another good set of action:

Alyssa, Madison, Sydney

And, finally, this great montage:

Alyssa, Sydney, Madison

Herding cats has to be very similar. But, they're cute, yes?


  1. Aww, they are cute. And that is why my SIL and I haven't tried to take a pic of all our kiddos together...all 7 of them ages 7,5,5,3,2,2 and 5 months. I don't think either one of us has the energy.

  2. Deanna, you're a smart woman. Hold on to that thought until they are like, oh, I don't know - 20.

  3. Deanna - DON'T DO IT! It was more like herding mice. Yes, they are quite cute, but I have learned my lesson - NEVER SHALL THE THREE PHOTOGRAPH! Keep it simple - Smile Sydney!

  4. These are really cute of three precious girls..... but I thought you were going to post some of the good ones you took??

  5. Yes, I am going to post some other photos of the girls individually - just haven't gotten around to it - stay tuned!


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