Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Out for Lunch

Mums in downtown Dallas.

It's the time of year in Dallas to enjoy the weather. The god-awful summer heat is over. Winter, such that it is in Dallas, is not yet upon us. It's a glorious time to be in the city. So, at lunchtime, I try to get out and walk when I can. So, I took my trusty Powershot camera along to snap up some photos. I took several photos of the mums, above. That shot is edited - "hue-d" up a little to make them even more perfect. I even cloned in one of those bunches of flowers to cover up a bare spot. Can you tell which one?

In general, the photos I took on this little walk didn't really "grab" me when I was looking through them on my computer. So, I've played with each of them in different ways for this post.

The mums also look nice as an impressionist-like painting, shown below.

Mums with the "palette knife" effect.

The statue below is outside the Plaza of the Americas building. On my way into lunch there was this guy talking on his phone, walking back and forth behind the statue. I really wanted a photo of the statue in the noonday sun, so I went to eat, thinking he'd be gone by the time I was back. Nope. He was still there. Still talking on the phone. Still waddling to and fro. Apparently it is what he does for lunch.

Pesky guy on phone.

So, I took off the restrictions on the crop tool and just made a shot without him in it.

Gone. I cloned out his shadow too - a little hastily - kind of messy over there on the left.

While inside, I took a photo of this other statue, too.

As I was walking to and from lunch, I encountered two different urban tree groves. I tried to get some interesting photos of them. I guess I wasn't feeling too inspired, however, because the boring shots I ended up with did really nothing for me.

First tree grove.

Those green painted things play classical music. Even that was uninspiring. So, I played with the photo again. I tried lots of different options and ended up with the neon chalk treatment.

Tree grove, neon chalk - urban and edgy.

The other tree grove, as is.

I wasn't wowed by this photo either. I wanted to be. I liked the idea of the tree grove photo, obviously, since I took two different groves.

Tree grove, pencil sketch.

I like this one, again, because it's sort of urban and edgy.

Tree grove, old paper and old photo effects.

This one looks old, of course - that's the effect. But, also sort of mysterious and foggy. I like it too, at least better than the original.

So, that concludes my fiddled photos from my free time frolic in the fresh fall air for food.


  1. I love your blog Amy! This last post especially. It brought back amazing memories from this summer, i.e. the food at the Plaza. Ha-ha! Take care!

  2. Thanks Michael - glad you like it - it's nice to have readers.


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