Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Norman and I had a conversation

Our cat Norman speaks to us. Not really, but often when he meows, he sounds like he is saying, "Hello?". This sometimes freaks out the pet sitter when we're out of town. He'll do it in the dead of the night from the middle of the house at the top of his lungs. Norman will meow back and forth with you, too, if you start talking to him - this doesn't have to be in "meow" form - just any talking will do.

So, the other morning I grabbed the Powershot and took this little video. It's not the best "hellos" he's ever muttered, but I think you can get the idea. Yes, that's me taking part in the conversation, too, off camera. The best "hello" meows are about half way through. And, yes, I realize this might just seal the deal on the whole "not quite all there" hypothesis some of you already had of me. But, I did it for the blog reading public. And, here it is.


  1. Norman is impressive, but nearly as impressive as your own cat-talk. Somehow, I think he meows to get you to meow...dark cat humor.


  2. Now, that - yes - is probably the case. The cats with a cosmic joke on us.


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